The Best Games For Google's Future Glasses

GR: As a concept, Google's 'Project Glass' is incredible - you'll be able to check your emails, hold video calls and take photos, all without having to waste precious energy lifting a phone out of your pocket. But with every new advance in technology, there are also advances in how to interact with games. So what would we like to play on the glasses?

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LostTokens2387d ago

I'm not the only one thinking about the "get the disc into the cone" game from Star Trek: TNG, am I?

Sev2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I want Google Glasses just for the porn. But I'll def play some games too. Or augmented reality porn games.

doctorstrange2387d ago

I'll be very suspicious of every guy with a grin and a hand in his pocket.

GrumpyVeteran2387d ago

Overlay the face of a pornstar on your girlfriend?

Foolsjoker2387d ago

I want an app that gives me peoples power ratings like in DBZ...

JonnyBigBoss2387d ago

Gran Turismo sounds great. I want my Camry to be a McLaren F1 GTR. Thanks!

MultiConsoleGamer2387d ago

Project Glass will destroy free society.

Millions of people walking around with glasses that track their every movement and with a front facing camera that is always on.

This beast must be stopped at all costs. Google is already tracking users, tracking smart phone users, building databases on us all, etc, etc, etc...

doctorstrange2387d ago

As long as this is cheap and works :P

MultiConsoleGamer2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I do care because in my country people died to preserve my freedom.

If you're an American, you spit on their graves when you say you don't care about preserving your freedom. Might I suggest there is a place for people like you? It's called 1950s Russia.

If you're not an American, just ignore what I said and go back to watching your American TV shows and movies, playing American video games on your American consoles, or visiting the local McDonald's or Walmart that I'm sure is in your country, because they're in every country. :)

IRetrouk2386d ago

Lol reminds me of a south park episode featuring an eye phone

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The story is too old to be commented.