Should Mass Effect 3's Ending Be Changed?

''On last week's mailbox we had Sam Bray, who says he's having a hard time enjoying games these days.

This week we've got a touch subject: the Mass Effect 3 ending, which Rob McFerran says ended the way BioWare intended and shouldn't be changed.''

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Ardorme2475d ago

I thought the "change the ending" discussion was over once EA and Bioware made it clear that they aren't changing anything, just expanding on what's already there.

Something they probably would have done in future Mass Effect games anyway, just sooner.

Megaton2474d ago

Yep, they're not changing anything, just adding epilogue clips. Throw CVG in the pile with the rest of the bloggers who have been absolutely clueless about this entire situation.

GlossGreen2475d ago

This issue was a nonstarter to begin with since the DLC for it was on the release schedule before the game was released. Sure, DLC isn't a good substitute for a proper ending (which this epic trilogy needs) but should help temper some of the disappointment.

hulk_bash19872475d ago

Who cares, they already made up their minds. Its gonna get changed and to be honest the reason I havent completed Mass Effect 3 yet is because all this crap about the ending. All of it just kinda killed my excitement about getting to the end. Maybe Ill just wait for the dlc and then finish it up.

Valkyre2475d ago

NO what should happen is us DEALING with it and facking move on.

And yes I hated the ending but all this "change it" "oh my God change it", "I cant sleep at night" crap needs to fcking stop.

I am more irritated by all these stupid petitions and threads than a bad ending to an otherwise good series.

If Mass Effect was soooooo damn important for some peoples lives to bring down the entire internet, then I am going to use that 9gag meme "i dont want to live on this planet anymore".

Mythicninja2475d ago

And yet you are bitching as much as the people you are complaining about. Amusing

Dazel2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

While the endings are 90% the same (going by what friends have told me) I don't think Bioware should of caved in. They make the game how they see fit and are in a better position to know what works than any gamer. Where does it end, change the end of Halo 3, MGS4 etc etc?

mep692475d ago

Nothing wrong with MGS4's ending, plus Halo and MGS aren't games where the player gets to make choices. On the other hand Mass Effect is.


And getting to the end of the game to find you have the 3 options of Die, Die o or Die, is not a good ending. You don't get to say anything to the catalyst and his attatude completly changes.
They should have given us atleast one option where the Mass Relays were not destoyed.

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The story is too old to be commented.