SG's ten most anticipated Wii games for 2008

From the article: "With the crazy gaming releases season now over, let's look forward to 2008 and all of the great games that are slated for release, because we all know that talking about and anticipating playing a video game is way more fun than actually playing one."

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joemomma4028d ago

Brawl. Thata about it....

Jack Bauer4028d ago

thats a pretty sad lineup for the HC gamer.... Nintendo seems to be losing it even more then with the GC, yet they are selling Wiis like Gold.

PS360WII4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

No More Heros, Dragon Quest Swords, Spore, Crystal Chronicals, and Brawl. Those are some great games for the hardcore. Then for the Hardcore Nintendo fan there is also Mario Kart and Animal Crossing in the mix.

Plus like the other 2 there are more titles that no one but them know about yet.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4027d ago

Don't bother nobody on this site will believe you if you say the Wii has games coming out for it even though it will.

PS360WII4027d ago

yea I kind of notice that. It's okay I don't mind talking to myself. It's like on the sales chart threads. Eveyone is slapping each other on the face over PS3 and 360 then I'm usually the first one to say 'oh look DS and Wii on top' I'm use to it ;)

wiizy4027d ago

there are around 30 anticipated wii games. so those clowns are not doing they homework only coming up with 10 as if the wii will not get the most games in 08