Will The PS4 Kill Off Used Games?

''It's looking increasingly likely that both Sony and Microsoft will be introducing measures to kick the used games market to the kerb in its next-generation consoles.''

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RedDead2475d ago

I can't imagine either the ps4 or Nextbox will kill it off without the other doing the same. They both have to do it if they want Gamestop to accept it. Since they could hardly ditch both consoles. They'd have nothing to sell.

Honestly, I hope this is done. If someone buys a game used it's the same as them pirating it in concerns to the dev.

mrshooter2k122475d ago

I think it's probably inevitable that some form of protection will be introduced with the next generation of consoles.

As long as something innovative and respective to consumers is introduced, I'm all for it.

Splitting both the single-player, and multiplayer into separate components would be a great idea - would allow players to buy one, or the other, instead of being locked out of the equation completely due to financial difficulties.

Throw in a nominal fee to activate used titles and that should please both the gaming stores, and developers - who deserve to be included in used sales, rather than Gamestop completely cannibalizing the burgeoning used game market.

Lazy_Sunday2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

You guys forget the reason why Gamestop don't want to support anti-used game consoles--because the majority of their sales come from used game sales. This needs to end.

Here's how I think it should be done:

You pop the disc in on your main username and that becomes the master console--and from there, all accounts on that specific system are granted access to all the copy's features. HOWEVER, you also have the ability to unlock the game for up to 5 or 10 specific accounts, add or remove those accounts to make room for others, and even pass on your mastership of the copy to another account.

This makes it so that you could could locally share the game, or sell it personally.

This would make it incredibly difficult for Gamestop to redistribute used content, since it would require user coordination, and would most likely destroy Gamestop's used game monopoly as a whole.

It's a little annoying, but it's no where near DRM annoying, or online pass annoying.

Majin-vegeta2475d ago

If either M$/Sony next console do any of the following i'm not biting.

1.Blocks used games
2.Required to always be online.
3.Locks game's to one account.

jimbobwahey2475d ago

Same here. I know that it's just speculation for now, but I won't be buying a console that prevents the use of used games and other such nonsense. I'll stick to my current consoles.

Personally I'm fed up of the games industry always wanting to be a special case. Each year these companies make more and more money and gaming as an entertainment medium has ballooned with how much cash it generates, and still publishers have to be greedy, always wanting more.

Do we see the music/movie industries preventing used sales? Do we see it in any other industry at all? No. Greedy publishers, they already con us with on-disc DLC and other crap to bleed as much money as they can from us. You'd think that they'd be satisfied wouldn't you?

I just hope that others feel the same way and any consoles doing this just simply don't sell and publishers lose out on money. Maybe then if people vote with their wallets they'll stop screwing their customers around.

Virtual_Reality2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

I can see #2 more likely in some games or all games.

MikeGdaGod2475d ago

i agree 10,000%

for years i've been dumping thousands of dollars into the gaming industry...consoles, games, they charge us for sh!t thats already on the disk!!!

now that i'm older, i don't even have time to game like i used to....i have Gamefly now and i can't imagine paying $60+ for a game i usually only play once.

they wanna start with the online passes? f*ck em...i'm not big on playing online anyway....the day they try to block used games completely is the day i switch to pc and they loose me forever.

ziggurcat2475d ago

they probably won't do any of the three things you're most worried about.

at most/worst, they'll make online passes mandatory for all games.

plus there are already games that require you to be connected online to play - like bionic commando rearmed.

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Godmars2902475d ago

Will these lame speculative articles ever stop until we get some actual *FACTS*?!

And even then will there only be more speculation and misinformation clouding said actual details which will then only create disappointment.

Ravenor2475d ago

I've never in my life been so irritated about the speculation surrounding new consoles.

People of N4G, honestly if the Overlords at Sony and MS decide to kill used games by requiring input of a one use cd key or constant internet connection...Drop the console like a bad habit and pick up a PC.

Better looking games, Cheaper games, which nullifies the need for used games...Wow I just solved this whole problem in 2 minutes.

DeadSpaced2475d ago

It's spelled curb, not "kerb".

Series_IIa2475d ago

Kerb is British English...

I could say you've just spelt, spelt wrong... But I'm not totally ignorant to Americanisms.

DeadSpaced2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

I didn't know that. I try to avoid Americanizing the internet but I honestly thought that's how it was spelled. I do believe that both spelled and spelt are correct. Spelt is simply older English. Thanks for opening my eyes to alternate spellings and for the English lesson!

Hicken2475d ago

This is like saying the people behind the next gen consoles are as dumb as the ones who think the same consoles will be replaced by tablets and smartphones. Though it's possible that, given how quickly so many "gamers" are willing to give up their rights, something like this may occur in the future, that's skipping a whole lot of steps. Going straight into "no used games" with the next systems would be suicide.

People who say they believe this HAVE to be joking.

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