Why Max Payne 3 could be this year's next big blockbuster video game

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi previews Max Payne 3 and explains why it will be a contender for blockbuster status

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LOGICWINS3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

It'll be a great game, Rockstar rarely fails to deliver. But I don't think it's worthy of my $60. I hear the SP will be 10 hours(not bad for a linear game, but not great either).

Not really interested in the MP either, more of an SP kinda guy. I'll proly get the game towards the end of the year when its in the bargain bin.

Don't see why I should get Max Payne 3 Day 1 for 60 bux in May when for $10, I can get Persona 3 FES next week(50-100 hrs. of gameplay).

Solid_Snake373013d ago

Could MP3 finally top uc2-3 awesomeness?

omi25p3012d ago

Because max payne will probably be better...

metsgaming3013d ago

anything with rockstar on the box will sell. It will sell way more than the other max paynes because of it. It doesnt matter if it deserves it or not, it will sell.

Gazondaily3013d ago

Even from early footage this game seems to ooze style and polish. The Max Payne games have been brilliant and I expect the excellent narrative and brilliant gunplay to carry on to this gen.

This looks set to be an amazing title. I wouldn't dismiss it.

LOGICWINS3013d ago

I expect the narrative to be excellent as well. I don't see how you can be a fan of action games and NOT be even slightly interested in this game based of the trailers.

I just don't see the point in getting it at full price.

MysticStrummer3013d ago

I never got into this series, so I don't see myself ever even looking at this new entry. Not that a game needs my purchase or approval to be a blockbuster, as Call of Duty has proven for years.

badkolo3013d ago

the game looks proper, these videos they come out with tell me they care about this game, it looks like they got it covered and its a day 1 purchase