“Who Would Win in a Fight?” Kefka vs Magus

Welcome to the all new weekly feature on called “Who Would Win in a Fight?”

In this weekly event, I will pit two contenders from the video game world against each other. I won’t decide the victor though – that is for you to do. I’m just the event promoter, outlining each warrior’s attributes and abilities. As Sgt. Friday would say on Dragnet, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

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Skateboard3354d ago

I'm going to go with Maguns.

DragonKnight3354d ago

Pre-Goddess statue Kefka would lose to Magus. Post-Goddess statue Kefka would put up a good fight, but still lose to Magus.

belac093354d ago

Kefka would rape Magus. Magus is a badass but kefka would slaughter him and laugh while doing it.