More Yu-Gi-Oh! from Konami

Konami has revealed a fancy new Yu-Gi-Oh! card battling game for DS due out this March.

It will go hand-in-hand with the real-life 2008 World Championship, and recreate over 2,000 of the cards that line the palms of spotty teenage tacticians.

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Salvadore3964d ago

Why not release a Yu-Gi-Oh game that incorporates the PSEye?

Kururo3964d ago

because theres no pseye on the nintendo ds.

Darkiewonder3964d ago

Has anyone got their hands on the Nintendo developed Card game out recently? I heard it's good. and no. it's not Pokemon.

Azures3964d ago

over 2,000 cards huh? How about ALL the cards that are in actual card game?

These games are consistently disappointing on the DS. If only Konami had the stones to move the World Championship games to PSP or at least release a version for the system. You could get so many more cards and content on the UMD not to mention MUCH MUCH MUCH better online multiplayer support through a legitimate WLAN receiver and not just the open or WEP crap that the DS pulls.

Farsendor13963d ago

think yugioh is a weird show but ya know maybe they should make a yugioh game for ps3 like eye of judgment

hotrider123963d ago

yeah, like volemort said why not a yu-gi-oh game on ps2 or ps3 i been waiting for a new yu-gi-oh since monster capsole game. im tired of all yu-gi-oh games on ds or game boy advance why not on ps3 with good graphics a battle against merek or zork or the evil bakura spirit. even kiba for christ sake. it should be called "duel of all duels"