We Are A Far Cry 3 From PAX East

GR: Next on our list at PAX East, Marisha Ray of Game Revolution's The Grind interviews developer Daniel Berlin for Ubisoft's Far Cry 3, an open-world first-person shooter that will take place on an unidentified island between the Indian and Pacific Ocean. The protagonist Jason Brody must find his girlfriend amidst a violent conflict on the group of island nations. I imagine his journey will a bit bloodier that Wind Waker...

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StoneyYoshi3016d ago

Really excited for this! cant wait to max this on my PC!!

ritsuka6663016d ago

This looks terrible. Softcore CoD gameplay with crosshairs bigger than your screen and lame gameplay. -__-

gtxgamer23016d ago

This game actually looks really good, ever since In-game editor was announced its just got me more an more excited for this game. Stop Trolling.

PersonaCat3016d ago

Really don't want to be that guy, but the game looks ALOT like COD :/

LoaMcLoa3016d ago

That title doesn't make any sense x)

chanmasta3016d ago

Not if you're a Rush fan :)

Jovahkiin3016d ago

Dayum.... she's an attractive lady.

Hazmat133016d ago

love the tropical setting in games the is game is fun as hell. i have to prerorder so many games , farcry3, metro last light, the last of us, halo4 and more fuck my life. lol looks like i have to work the corners again.....