BM Podcast 52: The Mass Effect 3 ending from someone who logged 50+ hours in ME3

Danny and Gage from the ButtonMasher Team talk about the brand new Halo 4 Map Concept Art that was revealed, Amazon Video on Demand, a delightful rant on EA's Battlefield 3 shortcut DLC and Rent-A-Server program, and finally, most importantly of all, Gage's opinions on the Mass Effect 3 ending.

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BtnMshrTV3358d ago

One would think that a full time college student with a 25 hour a week job and a website to help run would get all of the time in the world to play Mass Effect, isn't that right?

GameOn3358d ago

Point is I've probably logged over fifty hours and I haven't completed my second playthrough yet.

pandehz3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

You cant say 50 hrs and act like its an achievement.

Play through it with all the classes and then you can boast your playtime and play experience and use that as weight for your article. If not then just comment but don't use any extra weight plz