SG dishes Blu-ray prophecies and analysis

From the article: "Being a happy PS3 owner and strong PS3 supporter, I had a slightly different take than most of the other guys. You see we ALL own 360's. Many of us own HDTVs and have some money invested in HD-DVD. It's totally understandable to mentally invest yourself in what you're financially invested in to, but all along I've said that while it was definitely risky for Sony to put the Blu-ray capability in the PS3 (even "forced") and that if I were Sony I would've done the same thing, I'm pretty confident that they won't get the true credit they deserve."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3964d ago

I stopped reading at

"You see we ALL own 360’s"

*Points at Anywhere in the world except US*

JSA-Gamer3964d ago

The guy is anything but a 360 Fanboy. Quite the opposite actually. Give it a shot now that the link is fixed.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3964d ago

intresting read though isn't it all the repetition of everything being said? XD