Aliens: Colonial Marines will make Alien 3 a better film, says Gearbox

Will clear up the film’s “inconsistencies”.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr33396d ago

I was born after the original so it didn't have the impact that the sequel had on me, I was 11 or 12 when number 3 came out. Alien 3 was a disappointment at that time for me because I waited so long for it to happen and was expecting it to be the action packed spectacle Aliens was. But when I got older and started watching 3 again, I found it to be really good. My taste matured and I understood the tempo number 3 delivered. Aliens Resurrection was good up until the ending of it, were the Queen gives birth to whatever that thing was--it all went down hill from there for me.

DrPepper3395d ago

dude im not gonna lie i saw 3 when i was like 7 and thought is sucked, now that im 21 i saw it again and thought is was pretty good. too me Resurrection was stupid there was no point cloning ripley. to this day i still think that movie was stupid

humbleopinion3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Maybe you missed it but the only point of cloning Ripley was so that they can extract the Alien Queen hatching inside her when she suicides at the end of Alien 3.

I mostly agree with WrAiTh Sp3cTr3, although I did kinda liked Alien 3 when I first watched it - you just have to come not expecting the same kind of hi paced marine movie as Aliens which was again completely different from the first Alien. Each movie in the series had a different director and a different vibe and that's why I liked them all (yes, except for the queen giving birth part).

k4rma3396d ago

Alien 3 just took too many step away from what I loved about the first two movies. It tried to be its own thing too much. Not a bad movie, but not classics like the originals. This new Aliens game is what Alien 3 should have been.

Skynetone3395d ago

didnt alien 3 have a budget of 5k

Bathyj3395d ago

I assume thats as typo.

Even Clerks had a bigger budget than 5K.

Kingdom Come3395d ago

When initially announced, the game was projected as being a tactical horror survival game, with the commands of games such as Rainbow Six, you were able to order people to wield doors, use certain weapons, heal teammates and more, unfortunately, the delays have caused this game to be stripped down and now it, unfortunately, looks like a generic shooter...

Zha1tan3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Thats a pretty retarded comment considering you can weld doors not "wield" them as weapons.

All the classic weapons are there, you can revive mates in co-op.

I cant quite see what your trying to say here..

hazelamy3395d ago

you ever played minecraft?

i've wielded a door or two.
they don't do any more damage than your fist, but it looks cool, smacking a creeper with a door. ^_^

and anyway it looked like KC knew about welding doors, but a little spelling error crept in.
if you read the rest of the sentence maybe you could have figured that out.

but why do that when the whole grammer nazi thing is more fun right?

J86blum3395d ago

Doesnt really matter, since Alien 3 was a butched film, originaly it was supposed to been Hicks, Ripley, and Newt all alive, and it was going to focus more on Hicks and his back story, and not ripley having post pardom depression.

The prison world was suppposed to be a monk haven and delt with the aliens more as demons.(Least in the Monks eyes) someone of that did carry over in the film though, guess my point is they can say this will help 3 but it dosent matter since 3 never was the film it could of and should of been.

Yeah, from seeing gameplay now, and reading about it years ago in game informer seemd like it went from everyone had a certain char class, skills, and teamwork and planning was to be taken into account, and setting up choke points, now I can run down corridors with a shotgun and drop Xenomorphs like its nothing.

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