Best Buy game deals - Apr. 8 - $20 off Twisted Metal plus PS3 accessory deals

XMNR: The game deals at Best Buy for the week of April 8, 2012 does not feature any deals on consoles but we do get $20 discounts on Playstation 3 games like Twisted Metal plus LEGO games on sale for all systems. There's also a couple of nice PS3 accessory deals for the Dualshock 3 controller and the Blu-ray remote.

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Jio3013d ago

Am I the only one who was really disappointed by the newest Twisted Metal? I was expecting an epic and weird battle across the globe, but instead it floated between weird and twisted through a battle that takes place in a small area. I wouldn't mind if it was really dark like Black and only took place in one city, but even then the videos weren't that good and only 3 characters takes away the point of playing it over and over again to unlock every ending.

neoMAXMLC3012d ago

I guess you missed the memo that this was an online multiplayer centric game.

I suppose it could have used more exotic locations from around the world. But hey, there's only so much a small team can do with their most ambitious product.

Soldierone3012d ago

Yeah same. Everytime I say it though people just get all mad and try to prove you wrong. Its our opinion, we were disappointed, get over it.

I got it thinking "awesome just like the good ole Twisted Metal endless fun" and before that thought was over the game ended and I was forced to get an online pass to continue anything....decided to take it back to Redbox instead.

I think the thing that really bugged me the most was the fact SP was being done so well, the cutscenes were awesome and the stories were sick, and the boss battles were cool....then it decided to just end and force me to go play online.

Jio3012d ago

I agree on most of what you say, except for SP. In my opinion, SP wasn't very fun, the boss battles were some of the best of the series, but you got everything on the first play through where in other twisted metals you'd get dozens of endings playing dozens of times. The variety of the environments was also something that bugged me, my favorite TM games were TM2, and TM: Head on which take place around the world and had you fighting in Tokyo, Egypt, Hollywood, etc.

Soldierone3012d ago

@Jio, thats the entire reason I was so mad at this game. Multiple endings, endless hours of enjoyment, stories for each character, locations all around the world, it was a full game and I was hoping to get that. After all Mortal Kombat made a return and managed to do it, and I loved it.

Then we get this and its 3 half arsed stories that barely go anywhere. When I say well done, the boss battles were great, and the cutscenes were awesome and some of the weapons were great.

I do agree SP wasn't very "fun" mostly because everything was the same thing over and over...everyone was out to kill you. The only thing that changed is who you gotta kill first and how frustrating the game got as you went on.

Honestly I hate people bailing them out by saying "oh its a small studio" or whatever...if you can't handle it then don't take the IP from Sony and let a real studio do it then.

TheLastGuardian3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Anyone who doesn't own LittleBigPlanet 2, I highly recommend picking up the special edition for $40 at Best Buy. LBP2 is my favorite game on PS3 and I play alot of PS3 games.

@Soldierone @Jio

If you only rented the game, you're not a very big Twisted Metal fan to begin with. Of course you're going to be disappointed if all you play is the single player. This was originally planned as a multiplayer only title and the story mode was an afterthought. Jaffe even said if you only want Twisted Metal for the single player, you should only rent the game.

Eat Sleep Play was the best team for the job. They're made up of people who worked on previous entries like TM1, TM2, TM: Black and TM: Head On. Not only were they a small team but most of their focus was on the multiplayer. They wanted to change up the story mode from past Twisted Metals by having a better variety of game types instead of just deathmatch over and over.

I think the single player is still alot of fun regardless of how short it is and the boss battles and live action movies are epic. I've played every Twisted Metal game and this new one is arguably the best game in the series. Split screen and online multiplayer is where the game really shines though. Twisted Metal is one of my favorite games on PS3 because of the multiplayer. I'll be playing it for years to come.

Ilovetheps53013d ago

Last week I was able to get XIII-2 for $15 and Mass Effect 2 for $5 at Best Buy. They have some good deals if you look for them. But sadly they don't have anything for me this week.

catfrog3012d ago

i would grab these but i already have too many games to play through, its been a good few months for my ps3