Incoming! Playstation Vita Special - Part One -

"There are well over twenty titles announced for release on the Vita in 2012 alone, so we at Made2Game decided to pull together a two-part list of our most anticipated incoming games so you know which are worth looking out for over the next 8 months."

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stephmhishot3013d ago

Very excited for the great games and different experiences coming to the Vita. Even old favorites like MLB The Show have been reinvigorated for me. For whatever reason, I just never fully got into The Show 11 as I had in past years. I only got about a month into a franchise and one season in my RTTS. It was a waste of 60 bucks. Compare that to this year where I'm almost two years into my RTTS career and already in Mid May in my franchise mode. Having the ability to continue both modes wherever and whenever I want is incredible and I hope EA Sports utilizes the same features (and pricing model) that Sony did with the Show. My only issue then would be the worry that I'll throw my Vita around the way I do my controller when Madden cheats me!

Godchild10203013d ago

Do you remember those straps that you can get for the PSP or the Wii remote controls? You should use that and strap it to your arm when playing your Vita. It works for me when I'm playing Uncharted and Unit 13.

catfrog3013d ago

i took the strap from a move controller and threw it on the vita, they work pretty well

Ascalon943013d ago

u think NCAA college football will come to Vita?

catfrog3013d ago

im waiting for gravity rush and final fantasy 10, ill also pick up ruin and disagaea, but ill wait a bit for those, i still have disagaea 3 on ps3, would rather not have to buy the whole thing again, but the extra content will be nice, i just want it at the right price. little big planet is a no brrainer, and silent hill looks kind of like a diablo type game, ill see if i pick up more interest in it later

THC CELL3013d ago

E3 soon u will see a game blow out and I bet we see a GTA and god of war

Hicken3013d ago

Gravity Rush, Disgaea, FFX, Dragon's Crown, and plenty more have me all hyped up for this year. Can't wait to get even more use out of my Vita.