Dark Souls PC release gets these new monsters in August

TheVerge: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition hits the computer this August with new bosses, according to scans of German gaming mag PC Action.

The scans, found by Mark MacDonald on Japanese gaming site Jin, show a character confronting two different creatures. One image shows a massive creature with the head of a lion, massive ram's horns and the wings of an eagle called the Guardian of the Tomb. Another image shows what appears to be a sort of Mantis-like dragon called the Black Dragon.


More screens can be found here

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Hellsvacancy3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

This better be on consoles, i dont mind payin for it as dlc, ill buy the new edition if thats what it takes

If theres new bosses there MUST be new areas in the game, how else will you confront them?

NYC_Gamer3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I think this is the dlc already planned for consoles but just added to the PC package since its coming later...

noprin3018d ago

I really looking forward to finish dark soul one more time

paddystan3018d ago

That would been a dream.

MagicAccent3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Soul count: 61980
"Haha, got you, bastard!"
Soul count: 61980

DeadSpaced3018d ago

New monsters? I'll have to make sure I do my very best, play my hardest, then die to many times to count. Which is why I love this game.

Somebody3018d ago

Black Dragon...can't they give a much more meaner, creative name?

MeatAbstract3018d ago

Firey Impending Apocalyptic Doom World Ending Black Dragon.

MeatAbstract3018d ago

Sorry: Multicutural Dragon.

ipe3018d ago

better be free dlc on console, or namco wont see my money in future. Still i dont want to put them on list with capcom, activision. Dont dissapoint namco

TopDudeMan3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It won't be free. But it'll be a reasonable price for the amount of content, I'm sure.

PC players have already paid their price, having to wait almost a year to play the game.

reznik_zerosum3018d ago

why are u so buthurt about this game ?

TopDudeMan3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

^Dude, I have over 150 hours in this game on the PS3, I have no reason to be butthurt. What would give you that impression?

I was just hoping their announcement would be the DLC, that's all.

Edit: wait, you disagree?

MysticStrummer3018d ago

I'm not sure why reznik thinks you're butthurt (a very overused word), but I'd guess you're getting disagrees because people want the DLC to be free and don't want PC gamers to get the game, or at least not the PC gamers who haunt console articles on N4G.

Anyway, bring on the DLC. I'll start a new game in a heartbeat.

pr0digyZA3018d ago

If it was CDProjekt then it would be free, otherwise this will be paid dlc.

Letros3018d ago

Waiting for a port somehow makes it an inferior version? The things people come up with on this site.

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MoveTheGlow3018d ago

With the amount of engagement and sheer level-design awe that game brought me, I'd gladly pay for the DLC. This is add-on stuff, not stuff that fixes the game from its past not-so-great state or stuff that was already included on the disc.

The fact that it's free on the PC is just an incentive for people to purchase it, which is good. My question: WILL THERE BE MODS????

kevnb3018d ago

microsoft doesnt usually allow free dlc.

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The story is too old to be commented.