Series Fans Lapped Up Kingdom Hearts 3D, Casual Players Maybe Not

As expected, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance didn’t do all that well. The game sold 213,579 copies in its first week, which Media-Create report is 64.20% of its shipment. By comparison Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on Nintendo DS sold 295,205 copies in its first week, which was a 72.35% sellthrough.

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Jio3398d ago

More people would buy more Kingdom Hearts if Square Enix made it easier on newcomers. If you've never played any of the other Kingdom Hearts games, you will have no idea what's going on. They should make an intro or something that summarizes the past games, at the very least that would create new fans instead of catering only to hardcore fans.

Megaman_nerd3398d ago

is there really a way to summarize this in a way in which a new comer would understand it? I mean, if veterans can hardly fallow the story after playing the games then imagine someone who hasn't. Beside, if you tried to summarize this series you would end up with something bigger than the Metal Gear Solid Data Base. XD

VanillaBear3397d ago

They should of stuck to two platforms for the games instead of them being all over the place

I would of waited untill the PSP was out and released a KH game for that instead (a non card based Chain of Memroies game) so you would of had the spin offs on the PSP/PSV and then the main series on the PS2/PS3.

The way they are scattered around on differen't platforms is ridiculous, no wonder newcomers are finding it hard, even the core KH fans have problems keeping up, we can't buy every platform to play the games on.

Fair enough if the spin offs had NOTHING to do with the main series but they do. I mean Chain of Memroies had such an impact on KH2 and if you never played Chain of Memories then you were going to confused at the start untill the last part of the game

Instigator3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Didn't do all that well? It's in the top of the global chart after one week in Japan. Not selling as well as the previous spin-off doesn't mean it did poorly.

Also, the install base of the DS was far above that of the 3DS when 358/2 Days released, as opposed to when KH3D released on 3DS.

Hicken3397d ago

That's all I was going to come here and say: that there were more DS systems on the market when 358/2 came out than there are 3DS systems on the market to play D*3. In that case, it only makes sense for there to be less copies sold.

And the more games there are in a franchise, the less likely that casual interest will cause someone to pick it up. It's not exactly a secret that KH is a story-heavy series, so why would a newcomer want to start with D*3, which is like the 7th game?

TheUnbiasedLion3397d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

When did gaming journalism talk about doom
And gloom for hits, urgh I hate the Internet sometimes :/

DarkZane3397d ago

How about you release Final Fantasy Versus XIII, then since that would be out of the way, you start working on Kingdom Heart 3, then you can actually release it, which is what people actually want.

I love Kingdom hearts, but those annoying and useless spinoffs are become unnecessary. If you can't tell a decent story without having a million bad spinoffs in between, then don't bother.

belac093397d ago

i cant wait for this game. its THE reason i bought the 3ds.

TheUnbiasedLion3397d ago


1. KH 3D
2. Zelda
3. Kid Icarus

Top 3 reasons for my 3DS so this is my system seller game for me and the main reason the 3DS is in my house. Been waiting for this game.