PS3 games to look for in 2008

PS3 Fanboy:

"The PS3 has a shocking number of games coming out in 2008. In the next few pages, we will attempt to highlight some of our most anticipated games of 2008. But watch out! Many of these dates are tentative and can fall into (cue dramatic music) 2009."

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TheExecutive3990d ago

look at that list... I believe this is the best lineup of games the PS brand has ever seen.

TANOD3990d ago

in the same year


the BIGGEST GAMES of this era all in the same year?


best racing game of this era --GT5 would be launched exclusively on the PS3

T_O873990d ago

Can you put me in a freezer then wake me up when these games come out Because i cant F*king wait

man can 2008 be any more better

TheHater3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

that a lot of games. I will be getting about 20-25 of them.

Update: WOW, I got a disagree because I stated that I will be getting 20-25 of those games.

I actually didn't count the PSN titles.

Skerj3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Hah I counted 30 from that list I'll be getting if everything comes out this year, and there are a few PSN titles that aren't listed that I'm getting too. Those paired with the games I'm getting for other consoles this year, I'll be getting like 50+ games and I'll complete like 8 of them. New media rack is being picked up now.


Well now you'll have like 25-30 if you plan on getting any of the PSN titles. Year 2 is always the ass kicking year.

White-Sharingan3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Pretty Sweet, hopefully none will get delayed.

EDIT: BTW although its not official official, we all know Jak and Daxter is coming and Resistance 2. Im pretty sure Jak And Daxter has a chance of it being released in 08, Resistance 2 Im not sure.

TheHater3990d ago

I believe that Resistance 2 will come out this year. but I am a little iffy about Jak and Dexter

alba3990d ago

I think it's the other way around, Resistance 2 end of 08 and Jak and Dexter 09 :)

Gazman3990d ago

"Welcome to another year of getting no sleep whatsoever" and being very very broke

Skerj3990d ago

Just make a schedule when to get the games, you'll be fine. I did that after realizing I go out and spend 60 bucks getting drunk, then peeing it out the next morning. I just flushed 60 bucks down the toilet!! So. ..might as well buy a flask and a game o_O.

blade2063990d ago

i so it begins the sony rule

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The story is too old to be commented.