Used Games: The Law is Not in Your Favour

When Kotaku posted the first ever details of Sony’s next console last week, no-one was talking about was the machine’s specifications. With the next Xbox (working title ‘Durango’) rumoured also have a used games restriction, much of the internet’s console gaming community has all but set itself on fire, with many suggesting the manufacturer's actions may even be illegal. They are wrong.

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kent800820073018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

This reminds me of the e-meter used by scientologists, when ex-members try to sell it on ebay they are being sued and prosecuted

Ray1863018d ago

If the rumors are true F both Microsoft and Sony.

Titanz3018d ago

I think their reason for that policy, is because they both want their current consoles to sell (Microsoft, Sony). Listening too often to developers, isn't always a good thing.

Consumers need benefits too.

catfrog3017d ago

definitely agree, consumers need something also, but recently the consumers have shown that theyre willing to get screwed out of certain things. i mean look at the things that some gamers are paying for the last couple of years. some of these things that people are actually paying for i never would have thought would be a paid for service

AtomicGerbil3018d ago

So if I've understood this correctly, Sony & Microsoft could introduce used game restrictions due to publisher pressure. If that's the case then we could well be witnessing the beginning of the end to the games industry.

As I've commented before in more detail, restricting used sales is going to have a negative effect on sales of new titles and dlc. When the greedy publishers eventually realise this, then what? They hold too much power now, what happens when they start flexing more muscles?

I think it's about time the industry woke up and brought some of the more unscrupulous publishers to task before it's too late. Yes, business is about making money, but when that becomes your main focus, it will never end well.

Kyosuke_Sanada3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I completely agree. That's one of the main things I noticed when I argue with anyone here or in real life when it comes to the gaming industry. Naysayers try to make it sound used games are such fatal blow to game developers yet the last couple generations showed companies were stilling raking alot of money amidst the activities of Gamestop and others of their ilk.

"But Kyosuke-sama, game development has risen much higher than they did before so they are going to need as much money as they can to create games."

True, but any developers need to learn to don't jump the gun on their budget. Games don't need to have blockbuster budgets in order to sell great and titles such as Demon's Souls and Catherine are proof of this.

"But Kyosuke-sama, it's a business so it will always try to make as much money as possible. We can never change them....."

I agree that businesses should always try to make as much profit as possible but trampling on consumer rights and sacrificing service should never be one of them. If a developer wants to make money, make a good game; If they want to make more money, make a game better than the last. The money they are using to invest in eradicating used games could have been better testing the games because it is getting extremely rare finding a game that doesn't have day one patching or giant glitches which only God knows how they escape game testers' sight during quality testing.

"Kyosuke-same, Kyosuke-same. Piracy is wrong and companies need to take steps in fighting people who support them!"

True again, however there are so many crimes in this world that need to be purged from this planet but is near impossible to stop it no matter how hard you try. I'm not saying that people should throw in the towel but piracy will never cease to exist because of human nature. The best game companies can do to maintain profits is the same thing that people need to do in general to solve a lot of problems in this world is to achieve BALANCE through the proper avenues.

One example is by finding ways to reduce the price of video games in countries that promote piracy because of their ludicrous price gouging. I remember reading an article in N4G where the Vita will cause over 900 dollars in Brazil due to the government screwing over customers with high taxes. Of course, actions like these will always be fertile ground for pirates to acquire titles illegally.

Another more obvious way is by creating great games that are complete out of box with expansion packs that feel more of a bonus than a need to the consumer. Companies fail to realize that no matter how much money they put into advertisement, word of mouth shall always be the number one way to promote new game sales. If a game is great and gives the majority of gamers the longevity they wanted for free in the beginning, there will hardly be anyone trading in the title because of their connection with the product. This will also cause them tell their friends of it.....

Games are being created way too short and generic which promotes microwave gaming. In result, the rate of trade in have risen exponentially compared to last generation due developers taking shortcuts to rush their product out the door for yearly release...

"Thanks for the Kyosuke-sama, I never really looked at used games threat in that perspective. So can I borrow your hentai magazines now?"

Hahahahahahahahaha.......NO!! !!!

lachohimself3018d ago

Not absolutely related, but you'd probably enjoy this. I came across it while doing some reading on the DMCA for the article.

ian723018d ago

A lot of people trade in their games for credit to buy a new one. If they can't trade them in they can't afford to get that new game, thus a lost sale on a new game.
No trade ins mean no new game for those who can't spend as much as others.

catfrog3017d ago

not to mention that the used game sales are a cheap way to get into a series of games. i bought a lot of games that were new ips at the time used and ended up buying all their sequels new. probably never would have even played any of them if it wasnt for the low price of the first game in the series.

kma2k3017d ago

Dead Space 2 is the shinning example of this. According to sales of dead space 1 no one played the game it tanked sales wise, new games sales at least. However Dead Space 2 the nubmer of sales at launch vastly outnumbered the total sales of the original, why is that? Because people bought the game used loved it & bought the new game at launch!

jetlian3018d ago

its a low level court ruling just go higher

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