Level 1,000 reached in Gotham City Imposters

Level 1,000 player spotted in Gotham City Imposters.

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MultiConsoleGamer3018d ago

So basically this person has been playing every hour of every day since the game launched.

ShoryukenII3018d ago

Sad that this game sucks. His time would better spent somewhere else.

Dark_Overlord3018d ago

A quick look around google and I noticed one thing, most of the game hackers seem to have the II before and after their name. e.g zz II JR II zz, II SykotiixC II etc, so unless his full stats are shown, I'd lean towards hacked leaderboard

enfestid3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

No, I've played against that guy before... he's a jerkoff. He gets squads and finds the easiest ways to exploit the points system in the game, ruining it for others.

He's surprisingly bad at the game, though.

r213018d ago

not that impressive, needs 8000 more level ups.

Rynx3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

i c wat UUU did dar!!!!

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