Square Enix Unveils Early 2008 UK Schedule

Square Enix has today announced details of its schedule for the fresh end of 2008, with Final Fantasy I and II on the PSP and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings on the DS both being given firm street dates.

Details of the release dates for other UK-bound Square Enix titles are somewhat more vague, with DS titles Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates and The World Ends With You due as the leaves begin to sprout, while we can expect Odin Sphere on PS2 and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker on DS sometime before said leaves turn brown.

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heyheyhey3962d ago

dragon quest swords looks cool, but can you please concentrate on ff13 and versus 13 now please?

ChickeyCantor3962d ago

who says they arent?
There are more teams working on different projects.
it would be really ignorant to think the whole staff of Square-enix is working on one game.

They just aint releasing much info about FF13.
same goes for FF:CCB on the Wii....still no info about it.

Bonsai12143962d ago

they have their best two teams working on ffxiii and versus. the remnants of their ffvii team and the kingdom hearts team.

heyheyhey3962d ago


i know they have more than one team- im just saying that they should do as much as they can for these two- maybe bringing in folk from other teams to make it better?

Darkiewonder3962d ago

But Early 2008 isn't the same as Spring 2008? O.o or are those titles up for random dates before Q2 or something?

AliC3962d ago

mmmm FF: Crisis Core in Europe Please?

Bleucrunch3962d ago

I just want my kingdome hearts, FF13 and Crisis core....oh yea star ocean 4 and another Radiata stories pleeeeeeeeeease.

wiizy3962d ago

square need to get final fantasy and dragon quest on the wii as soon as possible

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