Sony Online Developing New PSN Titles Using Gamebryo Engine

SOE developers chose Gamebryo to produce certain future titles. The first games under development on Gamebryo are based on gameshow IPs and are scheduled to launch prior to the Game Developers® Conference in February 2008.

"Our relationship with SOE aligns Emergent with the exploding casual, online games market and further demonstrates the range of leading entertainment properties and platforms that Gamebryo is capable of supporting. We are thrilled that SOE has chosen us as a technology provider for their studio," said Geoffrey Selzer, CEO of Emergent. "Gamebryo gives SOE's studio the flexibility to design a complete range of titles to address the millions of gamers currently active on the network."

"Gamebryo gives us a great deal of flexibility in creating downloadable titles for the PlayStation Network," said Shalom Mann, Senior Vice President, SOE. "The codebase provides a solid foundation for our Downloadable Games Framework that allows us to bring a variety of different types of games to the PlayStation Network in a fraction of the time had we coded the base engine ourselves."

The PlayStation Network has nearly six-million registered users worldwide and is available via broadband Internet access on the PS3 and the PSP system. In addition to online games, PlayStation Network offers shopping, messaging and Internet browsing features.

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Zip5627d ago

I know I sound crazy, but more ps1 and 2 titles would really cheer me up!

I dont know why, but the old days just taste better...

now if only the gfx were in a sligth better quality :(

heyheyhey5627d ago

more games is always good news but for now my most anticipated PSN titles are echochrome and street fighter 2 turbo hd remix

Darkiewonder5627d ago

That GDC will be epic. I'm what you call the asian Pachter but tells the truth. lawlz jk [/arrogant]