Nolan North loves Max Payne 3

The Max Payne 3 demo at PAX East is getting a very positive reaction from those who got to try it out and it looks like the voice of Nathan Drake was one of them.

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3019d ago
Eamon3018d ago

I need me some painkillers.

VanillaBear3018d ago

Looks amazing but I still don't like what Rockstar have done to MP, they should of just stuck to New York or some other dark, gritty city with the same noire feel to it, it's the only thing missing from noire just acction action and more action. Dosen't help aswell when Max for most of the game looks nothing like himself....bald, beard, bright coloured tops

M4I0N33018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Totally agree with you, I was really hoping for the film noire atmosphere from the new Max Payne but it seems to be going down an action oriented route.

Fez3018d ago

I disagree. I think going down the dark noire road would be too safe and too familiar so I'm glad they've decided to change things up.

The story is hopefully still gritty and from the little I've seen it seems like Max is as messed up as ever. It still looks to have all the action from the first two games, some nice cinematic graphic novel style cutscenes and the original voice actor which are all big pluses.

Eamon3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

The beginning of the game will be set in New York as far as I know.

But I agree with others that the entire game should have been set in NY.

Noir is one of Max Payne's main cinematic themes and without it, it just isn't the same.

Rockstar claims that the noir feel will still remain regardless of location, so I only hope that's true.

VanillaBear3018d ago

I've been reading about the New York levels but in my opinion I think Rockstar are exagerating them abit because they know thats what people like the look of more then the "new route" they've taken Max in, people liking the old "Remedy" feel then Rockstars, reality I think those flashback levels will be really, really short and will be over before you know it. It's just to try and make people who are worried buy the game, but since it's Rockstar people won't complain untill a good 8/10 months later just like GTA4.

It's like how recently Rockstar have pointed out Remedy have been a little "involved" with overseeing the game and them saying Rockstar have done well with it......but really it's not like Remedy can do anything if they do feel like what Rockstar has done has ruined what MP was all about, they only can nod their head and smile.

I'll be honest if it's a good game, it looks great but deep down it's not the MP sequel I wanted.

Kran3018d ago

And this is news because....?

I mean great. He loves it. Certainly a twitter moment. Not it's not news at all :/

Smashbro293018d ago

Better than the "hey look a hot girl" ones. At least its about an opinion on a video game.

Kran3018d ago

When I have an opinion, not many people give a damn :/

Hicken3018d ago

Are you a big name in the game industry?

No offense, but with North voicing one of the most notable characters this generation- from one of the most widely acclaimed new franchises this generation- it's not that surprising that his opinion would matter to people.

It's not QUITE the same, but it's more akin to Kojima saying he likes a game than someone like you or I.

Kran3018d ago

So... You're essentially saying that because I'm not a big name in the games industry, nobody should give a damn what I say?

That's very horrid of you to say.

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