A batch of new Lost Planet PS3 screens

Capcom has released 63 new screenshots from the PS3 version of Lost Planet.

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aceman73936d ago

Thank you Capcom for taking away DMC4 exclusivity from PS3 in return for a port of a mediocre game.

God I love you Capcom.

SabreMan3936d ago

exclusivity doesn't matter you are still getting DMC so where is the problem ?? as for Lost Planet being mediocre thats your opinion offcourse not a fact

XboxIsBad3936d ago

It wasn't Capcom's fault. It was a HUGE M$ bribe. How else would they lose loyalty to Sony?

Farsendor13936d ago

i like this game. played it on my cousins xbox 360 and ill be getting this for ps3 when it comes.

heyheyhey3936d ago

oooh it looks like the ps3 version has a graphical touch-up in store

The_Engineer3936d ago

I was gonna say it looks like they are starting to squeeze some graphical juice out of the PS3, even if it's just a drop.

game is still a turd though

blade2063936d ago

leave this game in the store i don't care what the price is i don't want it

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