CES 2008: Xbox 360 to Dominate in '08?

January 6, 2008 - President of Entertainment & Devices Division Robbie Bach offered some encouragement to Xbox fanboys distraught over Nintendo's newfound dominance in hardware sales. Despite being surpassed by Wii in console sales in '07, Xbox 360 managed to sell more software. In fact, Microsoft raked in $3.5 billion in the U.S. through November of last year with the 360. According to Bach, that is a billion dollars more than the Wii pulled in.

Bach said he expects Microsoft's mega-machine to enjoy "the biggest year ever videogame history" in 2008. This could well be true. Xbox Live has now tallied more than 10 million subscribers and did so six months faster than Microsoft expected. The unexpected spike in subscribers is what led to Xbox Live connectivity issues through the holidays.

Sadly, no major announcements were made at during the keynote address.

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Zhuk5449d ago

With the incredible success of the Xbox 360 this generation and the market leading position it has cut out it is in a great position to capitalize on its situation and move forward as the premier console this generation. With strong demand for Xbox 360 hardware and software continuing into 2008 the Xbox 360 has everything it needs to continue to strengthen its position and expand into new demographics and audiences this year, especially with all the AAA titles that are coming out this year for the Xbox 360.

Award winning marketing genius/guru Jeff Bell (Corporate VP for Global Marketing, Interactive Entertainment Business, E&D division) put it best when he said that "we wouldn't trade places with anyone" and he's absolutely right, the Xbox 360 is in a enviably strong position right now. But it must make the right decisions to move forward and this is a crucial time for the Xbox 360s future. With the high caliber of diverse and creative talent heading up the Xbox team these days I have no doubt that the success of the Xbox 360 will continue to grow even stronger

Jandre025449d ago

Its hard to argue with that. If Xbox can finish this year at least 2,000,000 ahead of the PS3 it may break 40,000,000 lifetime.

Even still my friend, any advantages the Xbox360 may have gained in the previous year will be eroded by a superior PS3 line-up with stems across multiple genres. Flooding the market with shooters doesn't replace pinpoint appeal (or PPA) with AAA titles that attract more than one audience. Very soon the PS3 will be the only sensible partner for all HDTV's. With HD movie playback, SD movie upconversion, an array of games, and firmware that is constantly upgraded to stay up to date with ever changing standards, the PS3 will attain then maintain a leg up on the Xbox360 until the next generating begins.

Dareaver15449d ago (Edited 5449d ago )

I'm actually overwhelmed right now. I have too many good games to play that i've actually started several games at the same time, and can't figure which one i want to complete first. I have Bioshock, The Orange Box, and Naruto to finish beating. Then I bought the Collectors Edition of Mass Effect, and I dare not put it in because I wouldn't have any time to play that with the other games. And I still haven't played Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty 4. Plus when i turn my 360 on, I get a whole lot of Halo 3 invites. That makes it impossible to play my games. And great arcade games keep coming out, I want Metal Slug 3 and the new Street Fighter II HD game.

Now is a great time to be a gamer. Oh and I won't even start talking about the great games that are to be released this year.

Game on people, game on.....!

@Jandre.... You tell Zhuk that as long as you don't bash the PS3, in which he didn't, but then (even though you are entitled to your opinion) you go on and on about the PS3 and its "superior lineup", that's how you get the Fanboys in an uproar, and that's what we don't need. We don't need PS3 or 360 fanboys coming in here with their measuring sticks and whose 2008 lineup is better.

I don't know what the disagrees are for, check my Gamertag, i have all the games i stated except Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty 4.

Phantom disagreeing is very immature.

@Azures:below.... what was so wrong with what he said. He expressed his opinion about the story, and in a very reasonable manner. He didn't flame on about or put down the competition. He gave a reasonable observation of the 360's success. He didn't even use extremely exaggerated terminologies.

Azures5449d ago

Ya know Zhuk just puts up an act in the comments right? He is actually a...reasonable person?

BloodySinner5449d ago

How long did it take to figure that one out?

Azures5449d ago (Edited 5449d ago )

As soon as I went to the forums? Which apparently no one visits seeing how it has not even a 10th of the use the comments get.

I don't understand why it deserves a sarcastic comment, obviously many people make the mistake that he's being serious.

BubblesDAVERAGE5449d ago

They had a 30 percent decrese from the previouse year.....10 million to seven million and wiht each year it will only continue to go down like it did last gen..

BrianC62345448d ago

What a joke. Robbie Bach says it so it must be true. The PS3 will rule 2008. I just say way too many huge PS3 games coming out this year. What does the 360 have this year? So far I don't see anything big.

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craymoogy5449d ago

I have not seen any good games on 360 for this year, what the hell is he smoking?

v1c1ous5449d ago

if you didn't see the great games released this year

craymoogy5449d ago

it says 08. What are the great games for 360?

masterg5449d ago

The tables have turned.

Now PS3 fanboys can say "This is Waiting" to the 360 fanboys.

I have both consoles. I have about 10 games I know I will buy on the PS3 this year. So far I only have Gears of War 2 that I will buy on the 360, if it comes out this year. This is however my most wanted title closely followed by LBP and KZ2.

mesh15449d ago

the ps3 has 3 games coming out this year that MIGHT be good mgs4/lbp/gt5 while the 360 has games we have seen gameplay for and from welll known devs too human/fable2/warhound/ng2/gear s of war 2/alan wake/ so yess the ps3 will have another diamll year in 2008 as most of their exclsuive are from no name devs yakauz 3 hahaha whata joke of a game white knight sotry hahaha looks like garbage all ps3 devs have no history in making games u will see this at the end of this year games liek bioshock/mass effect/halo 3 cant be made on the ps3 as it has to many complicated programming that the ps3 cant handle.

Greek995448d ago

Only two of those exclusives are going to be big(Ninja Gaiden and gears). You only mentioned 3 PS3 exclusives. You fail.

Sony has the biggest line up this year. And you know it. Your in denial.
Please save your annoying comments for the xbox 720 vs. PS4 war. The Xbox 360 is dead this year, if not next year for sure. Along with HD DVD.

Play B3yond5448d ago

You say the PS3 cant handle Halo?...LMAO that one really made me laugh we can port Halo3 onto our system with our eyes closed but that would just be a waste of time since the only thing different between all the Halo's are just a little tweak to the graphice, the storyline is just getting worse and worse so why would we even want that crappy game...Now i wanna see the xbox even try to attempt to begin making KZ2, lmao the machine would just blow up right in there faces, now thats a game the xbox cant handle

BrianC62345448d ago

"if you didn't see the great games released this year"

This isn't about 2007. That was last year. It's about this year, 2008. And 2008 is the Year of the PS3. No other console will be able to match what the PS3 has coming out this year. Don't expect Halo 4 or any other big 360 game to come out. This is the second year of the PS3. Last year was the 360's second year. This is the year the PS3 will start to show what it really can do and when it does gamers will line up to buy a PS3.

adalwolfe5448d ago (Edited 5448d ago )

360 has many great console exclusives coming in 2008, just because your too much of an ignorant fanboy to notice does not mean they do not exist:

Alan wake
splinter cell - conviction
Halo wars
lost odyssey
fable 2
world in conflict (voted best pc strategy game 2007)
Ninja Gaiden
Too Human
gears of war 2
Age of Conan and Huxley (the most anticipated mmorpgs since wow)

Now I'd like to see you list off 10 actual good exclusives that have an **actual** release date confirmed for 2008 on the ps3.. I doubt you can.. not to mention that we can download HD movies directly from xbox live market place for 4 bucks... and chat with friends/play games while we do it..

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RIPHDDVD5449d ago

hardly any exclusives worth buying, HD-DVD is losing the war and so more people will buy the PS3. not just for Blu-ray, but for MGS4, Killzone 2, LBP, White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza 3, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain, Infamous, Tekken 6, etc.

The biggest franchises in the world belong to the PlayStation brand and Sony is already beginning to dominate 08. Actions speak louder than words, and that is exactly what Sony is doing right now with Warner/New Line Cinema going Blu-ray exclusive, the format war is over.

CES for Microsoft this year was a complete disaster.

destroyah5449d ago

i mean last year they had Halo 3. this year they have nothing as big, and that's most of you people don't understand. 360 will be in third by the end of this year. quote me on that. there's nothing exciting going on for it lately.

craymoogy5449d ago

I second that. 360 has nothing for this year. They probably going to have Halo 4. LOL.

radzy5449d ago

seriously there was too many games on 2007. in 2008 there will be more
great exclusives including ALAN WAKE and A.P.B.(made by the studio that made the awesome CRACKDOWN). microsoft also are keeping a tight lip on exclusives, so when the time is right BAMM!!!!
everyone knows what sony ps3 is getting this year, but microsoft are playing it SHOCK AND AWE this time. i predict at e3 , they will release the bomb , or about the time metal gear gets released.
this year will be very interesting.

p.s. regarding the ps3 controller , i wanted the boomerang controller more than the six axis just because it was something new and different from the dated ps1 controller.

Ital50Stal5449d ago

Or did you mean Chocolate Rain by "some black dude"? id play that....
And i heard the "i Like turtles" kid is coming out with a FPS

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andy0015449d ago

The wii games are £10-£15 less than the 360/PS3. No wonder he can say they sold a billion dollars more (about a third more revenue for units which cost a third more. Go figure!).

Expect more family friendly games from MS this year then, as they copy the Wii stuff, which means that for 'hardcore' gamers, this isn't good news.

ravinash5449d ago

MS wants market dominance, and this time round it has seen the Wii come in a steal its thunder.
MS sees a new market that the Wii has created, and I'll bet that they'll want to take a slice of that by creating more family orientated games.
Nothing wrong with that, but it will be taking resources away from the more hardcore style games that the older crowd what to play.

Antan5449d ago

No one company will "dominate".