5 games that prove Wii U power doesn't matter

CVG- "When we're stuck deep in the eternal push for bigger, better and prettier games things can get a little confused.

Too much emphasis can be placed on a game knocking your socks off with its sexy graphics, impressive frame rate and true to life physics. We sometimes forget looks aren't everything. Experiences like Uncharted, while incredibly beautiful, aren't necessarily bettered by the fact they gleam like a crystal.

Nintendo is a great example of success without the technological upper hand, always shining despite the relatively low-spec nature of their hardware. To illustrate our point we've put together a list of games that prove that even games on underpowered systems can be effing brilliant."

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Akuma-3359d ago

killzone 4, uncharted 4, motorstorm 4, gran turismo 6, resistance 4

Moncole3359d ago

Metroid, Legend of Zelda, MArio, Pikmin, Super Smash Bros, F Zero, Starfox, Kid Icarus and much more. The Wii U will have more genres and wont have only shooters and racing games.

decrypt3359d ago

Power really doesnt matter to console gamers.

Look at how PS3 and Xbox being 6 year old tech are still selling. It just proves consoles gamers really dont care about power.

morkendo233358d ago

would trade my PS3 in a heart beat if and ONLY if wii-U has SNES CATALOG of games coming out.
good old days of gaming.

LX-General-Kaos3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

@ Akuma

Marked for trolling.

@ Moncole

Nice list I am looking forward to each of those Nintendo exclusive franchise games. I hope that more than anything else that a proper Starfox R-Wing title makes it onto the Nintendo Wii U entertainment console. It has been a good long time since we have had a real Starfox title.

F-Zero is another on my wish list. The gamecube version is still played frequently in my home to this very day. Though personally I would like to see a next generation Wave Race title just as bad. Wave Race with online capability, combined with the innovative tech backing the Nintendo Wii U would be paradise for Nintendo gamers. I have always had a thing for Jet Ski games. Mainly Wave Race and Hydro Thunder in the past. Very entertaining AAA quality racing titles.

Nintendo has a back catalog of AAA exclusives that spans all genres of gaming. That list stretches miles long so future investors of the Nintendo Wii U can be sure to have continued support from Nintendo and their award winning AAA franchises. Hopefully the millions and millions of fans worldwide are blessed with a chance to witness the announcement of a fist full of those very exclusives come this E3 2012.

Rated E For Everyone

Akuma-3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

thanks for the acknowledgement sir, it further bolster the fact that you are loser and judging by everyone of your post, you should be out looking for a job.

the wii u will have weak and shoddy hardware when compared to next gen xbox 720 and ps4.

the casuals and majority of the nintendo faithful have abandoned support of the wii because the novelty of the system has worn off. the wii helped to usher a new era of motion gaming after sony brought out the eyetoy for ps2. the wii uses a control scheme that control games by gestures made by the controller which was promised to be 1:1 but it isnt. wii motion plus was released to make gestures more accurate but still hasnt delivered the promised 1:1 motion controls.

the wii lost a lot of support because its catalogue of games are majority 'shovelware' games that are often times suffer from bad controls with poor gameplay experiences. the wii is the number 1 console ever to support the most and lowest rated games. the wii isnt able to support AAA multiplatform games that are on the xbox 360 and ps3 and majority of these hardcore gamers are the ones who continuously purchase video games on a regular basis.

majority of the casual wii gamers who made the wii a success are content with one or two games so thats why a console with 100 million gamers suffer when it comes to software sales on more than 90 percent of third party games. wii u is suppose to garner alot of third party games support but it wont just like the wii because the wii u will be significantly weaker than the xbox 720 and ps4.

people often talk about how graphics dont matter and gameplay matters the most to them but they werent content playing on their older consoles and upgraded to playing a wii. majority of wii games are made harder to play when used with a wiimotes motion scheme proving that controls would have been better suited for the console.

" looks at disagrees and laugh"
thanks for the acknowledgement because i know the facts hurt fanboys.

ChickeyCantor3359d ago

"thanks for the acknowledgement sir, it further bolster the fact that you are loser and judging by everyone of your post, you should be out looking for a job. "

Says the one doing the same thing as he is...
Bipolar much?

Ravenor3359d ago


Your post looks like text diarrhea. Above that you listed 3 shooters and 2 racing games. Bravo good sir, you've proven literally nothing.

Whatever the specs may be for the PS4 or new Xbox, it doesn't negate that fun, rewarding experiences will be had with the Wii U. The 360 and the PS3 are much more powerful then the Wii, yet I would be hard pressed to find a 4 player game on either one of those consoles that I would be able to play and have fun with my family.

The Wii U may not have parity with the PS4 or New Xbox hardware wise, but the gap will not be as large as the current gap between the PS3/360 and the Wii. Any 3rd party title available on the PS4 or Xbox will be available on the Wii U.

CaptainN3359d ago

@ Akuma....did you really just throw out the Eyetoy as ushering in the motion controls. So you want to throw stones, well here's one. The Eyetoy is a blatant ripoff of the Game Boy Camera. The Game Boy was using the camera way before any other videogame system. And it even had the functionality to hook up to N64 but was dropped due to concerns of kids taking pictures of teachers or others faces and placing them in shooters such as Perfect Dark and they didn't want parents going crazy of that.So thank Nintendo for that idea. Also Nintendo was using motion controls with Kirby Tilt and Tumble for their portable way before the Wii even dropped.

mike1up3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )


-"the WiiU will have weak and shoddy hardware when compare to next gen xbox 720 and ps4"

Your PS4 and Xbox 720 will have shoddy hardware when compared to my next next gen WiiU2!

Do you see how lame that argument makes you sound? I am talking about a console that comes out this year, and you are talking about a "phantom console" that hasn't even been officially announced.

The WiiU is mostly being marketed towards the hardcore, not the casual crowd. This is something that Nintendo has stated many times before. You could read the interviews for yourself, that is, if you can fit it into your busy schedule of trolling.

I think that you are the one that needs to get a job. Just do us all a favor, and make sure that it has nothing to do with public interaction.

bothebo3358d ago

@ Ravenor
Are you retarded?

"The Wii U may not have parity with the PS4 or New Xbox hardware wise, but the gap will not be as large as the current gap between the PS3/360 and the Wii"

The gap will be larger. The Orbis is going to use a resolution that can't even be displayed on televisions yet. BUT OH WAIT. The piece of crap company you call Nintendo is using 7 YEAR OLD hardware. I would also like to know how the Wii U can run PS3 and Xbox 360 games when its hardware is weaker than theirs.... You want a good 4 player game with you family? It's called Little Big Planet... look it up. Oh, here's another one Mod Nation Racers. Yeah you get the gist of it. However, if you want to go play your Mario Kart 8 Billion on your Wii U with ancient hardware then that's great. To be honest with you, Nintendo is struggling. The only silver lining is the 3DS which I will admit is doing well. However, when your biggest share hold tells your CEO that the Wii U isn't going to work, there's a hint!

Rated Nintendo for Not Worth My Money.

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NovusTerminus3359d ago

While it is true that power is not everything, and I don't care much about graphics.

IF it cannot keep up with the PS4/720 then it will loose said Multiplatform games.

PopRocks3593359d ago

The Wii had some unique games despite being extremely underpowered compared to its primary competition. No More Heroes didn't move to other consoles for years. I remember a lot of people liked Mad World as well.

NovusTerminus3359d ago

Yes, but due to its lacking power it missed some of the better multi platform games.

The Darkness II, All of the Ninja Gaiden games, Dead Space 2 and Dark Souls.

CaptainN3359d ago

Lack of power is just an excuse :

Examples being last gen,
Gamecube was more powerful than PS2 and on par with Xbox yet it never received Ninja Gaiden, Grand Theft Auto, Doom 3, and half of all the sports and rpg games. When the power was there 3rd parties didn't care.

Now this generation,
Oh we can't make games ABC and XYZ because the system doesn't have enough power! What? When they had a system with equal power they blamed the demograph of the people. Now they have the masses and they blame the hardware. 3rd parties like to fight against Nintendo on every front.

Let's go back two generations,
N64 had the most power and what were 3rd parties excusues.... the liscence cost, cartridge cost and catridge memory limitations. They needed CD's that were cheaper and held more information and wanted to pay less to get their IP's on platforms such as Playstation. It has nothing to do with power and it had nothing with them trying to take advantage of the hardware.

So if Wii-U third parties make up some new excuse next generation its not Nintendo's fault. Its not the hardware...its lack of support from third parties period. These company's can't even make hits on a system that has about 100 million owners with Wii. They blame graphics which is rediculous.

Gohadouken3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Actually power and raw performance had everything to do with that .

Those two console were more powerful , but like ferrari using feeble tires from a bicycle . It was for a large part unusable power .

What good is the GC's raw power for a gta game , when it can't even store enough data to properly do a sandbox title ?

How the hell was ff7 going to happen on the n64's cartridge ?

Power for consoles mean more than just graphics . It carries as well the means to do open world games filled with content , or to use better physics , animations , sometimes mechanics and less limited concepts , better AI .

Without mean to carry it , it's the same as having no power at all .

And the wii kept that very same trend , except it even ditched the "let's build a powerful console" philosophy . Wich they were right to do , as they still were being stubborn over storage , online and a few things .

Relientk773359d ago

Omg I <3 Wind Waker, gonna play that game this summer :)

xflo3603359d ago

Still the best zelda game ever. I would sell my left nut for a hd remake on wii u.

mike1up3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I (re)beat it this year. It truly is timeless. Have fun!

Jirachi3359d ago

I'm more worried about gameplay frankly idc if nintendo uses atari 2600 graphics(though hd is nice) as long as we get good games.

Baka-akaB3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I see no reason related to us consumers , it would be either power or the nice nintendo games we got . None of both were mutually exclusive , only a choice based on economics reasons for nintendo , so it's shallow imo to proclaim it doesnt matter .

From some it's even a bit hypocrisy , as (again SOME) they had no qualm being proud of the obvious superior firepower of the gamecube and n64 over their fellow consoles rivals .

If anything ALL the nintendo wii games we loved would have been enhanced with hd and some of the other available tech .

Doesnt mean the wii should have been ignored either of course , it does have must have titles . But it's good news nonetheless that nintendo is moving forward power wise .

It will even shut up a bit the die hard graphic whores (well not really but its a step)

PopRocks3593359d ago

"they had no qualm being proud of the obvious superior firepower of the gamecube and n64 over their fellow consoles rivals ."

Because that worked so well for those two consoles, right?

Baka-akaB3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Why are you even quoting out of context the point about fans previously chest beating over the power of those consoles , while now suddenly proclaiming power doesnt matter now ?

And wasnt it the 3rd party devs left behind over the matter ? I dont remember Nintendo being anything else but healthy and very rich , while producing acclaimed n64 and gc titles .

Something that hasnt changed a lot on the wii , beyond the console's popularity of course .

Ck1x3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

he's not talking about fans chest beating! He's mentioning the fact that Nintendo spent lots of money developing both the n64 & GC and they were very proud of their technical achievements on each system. So much so that I remember watching the news one day and saw this hyped up coverage of Nintendo partnering with SGI for what was then being plastered across the news as Project Reality! Or when it was all over the news when they struck a deal with IBM to make the cpu for project Dolphin. Nintendo was more forthcoming at those times and it did nothing for them in the end. I think you are misled to believe 3rd parties got left behind on the Wii! They didn't bring games like Assassins Creed over to the Wii, but Ubisoft made just as much money from Nintendo with games like Just Dance... Not that I'm defending their decisions at all but a lot of money was made by third party companies when it comes to the Wii!

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