Skyrim Unofficial Patch 1.0 Released; lots of bugs/issues/quests fixed by the community

DSOGaming writes: "Remember back in March when we informed you about an unofficial patch for Skyrim? Well, it seems that the team responsible for it had released its beta form back then. The patch saw two additional beta releases (1.02 and 1.03) and a couple of days ago, the team decided to release its RC version. In case you are unaware of, this is a patch made by dedicated community members and modders to fix Skyrim into what it should’ve been in the first place. It already fixes THOUSANDS of bugs (an understatement) and if you install this, most of the major quest bugs and gameplay problems of Skyrim will be gone. In other words, this is an essential mod for all Skyrim players."

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SnakeCQC3394d ago

has it fixed that weird glitch that gives me a care package when i kill 5 dragons without dying?

john23394d ago

The changelog is huge so you can check for yourself it it's been fixed

harv0523394d ago

Pretty sad when a game has to be fixed by it's community and not the developer...shame on Bethesda, they really dropped the ball on this one.

NVIDIAGeek3394d ago

They provided us with the modtools so that if they won't, atleast we can fix it. What if it was EA? Skyrim would've died long back....

Fairchild Channel F3394d ago

This one? How is this any different than EVERY other game they've released? They can't even be bothered to fix the issues when they re-release the game in a game of the year edition a year or two later. Why people support this company boggles the mind.