The Twisted Metal That Might Have Been

David Jaffe:

Over the years- be it working for a publisher or working for a developer- we'd often make videos for 'green light meetings'. These are meetings where company execs from various departments (product development, marketing, sales,etc.) get together to review the company's upcoming slate. Sometimes an actual green light is given or denied based on the meeting, but more often than not it's called a 'green light meeting' but it's more of a global review so everyone gets on the same page.

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Young_ART3397d ago

I was hoping we'd be able to get out of the car in this one. I guess Jaffe doesn't listen to the hardcore fans anymore


LoaMcLoa3397d ago

Err.. Like Need for Speed: The Run? Heck no.

I actually like the style in this video, looks more old-school and charming in a way ^^

ReservoirDog3163397d ago

Haha, whatever you can say positive about the game (it was a really fun game), the racing sucked* in it. Should've been scrapped, thrown out the window and run over repeatedly.

SamPao3397d ago

Hell the racing in the city, sucked so much!!!! but the racing in the mountains was some of the most fun I had with the game!!