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PtRoLLFacE3400d ago

interesting, looking forward on how cortana rampancy is going to play out

MerkinMax3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

And the great thing about the impressive graphics is they are able to convey great emotion on Cortana now. The game really looks superb now IMO.

da_2pacalypse3399d ago

story sounds very interesting. I'm however very disappointed with the loadout system.... sorry, I don't agree that a halo game should have loadouts... But I'll still give a try.

JokesOnYou3399d ago

As a long time dedicated Halo fan, all I can say after looking at this article is WOW!

BitbyDeath3399d ago

No game should have weapon loadouts.

tigertron3399d ago

Plus the game will be using motion capture.

So far the campaign sounds brilliant, this is definately my most wanted game of 2012 now that I've completed ME3.

Gazondaily3399d ago

That info is crazy. I didn't read all of it as it started going into a little too much detail for me regarding the campaign.

But Cortana rampancy. Nooooo! Poor Cortana. After all the trouble I went through to rescue you from that absolutely horrid level on Halo 3 you end up going crazy. I would try and hold you but I'd end up holding myself, on account of you being, you know, a hologram. Maybe your actual body is still alive. But to be honest, even if it is, its way too crusty and wrinkly for me to care. Am I vain person? Maybe. But, behind all this thick Mjolnir armour, I'm just a squishy piece of meat.


Man I need to get laid.......

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Delt43399d ago

Cortana better not die on me!!
I was also surprised to see so much covenant on what i thought would be a human forerunner plant. I thought they would be gone and it would just be me the flood and forerunners who wanted to kill me for my awesome new armor.

Gazondaily3399d ago

Forerunners, Flood and I. Sounds so messed up that even Jim Carrey would would run away.

I wonder what role the Elites are going to have on this.

What's even more exciting aside from a new enemy is the thought of new alien weapons and vehicles! Remember how the Needler and plasma pistols etc were so weird and unique when they were unveiled? Go on 343, show us that you can think outside the box.

What has happened to weapon design in games today? It's all generic crap. Remember the good old days of:

* Cerebral Bore (f***ing genius!)
* BFG- Beast!
* Redeemer- a camera guided mini nuke!
* Needler- lovely pink death
* Almost any Turok, Unreal Tournament or Quake weapon

Ah....those were the days....

Hayabusa 1173398d ago

Remember how the Needler and plasma pistols etc were so weird and unique when they were unveiled? Go on 343, show us that you can think outside the box.

Pfffft. Keep dreaming.

Patriots_Pride3399d ago

I like the faded army green that the chief is sporting.

The Halo 3 green was a little too bright and did not show the chiefs wear and tear from all f those awesome battles - Halo 4 is starting to look more gritty and realistic, the new Red vs Blue colors are less toned down now also.

Crazyglues3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Look I know it's just Halo again, -But I have to admit I'm excited about this one..

Yes the systems are really old now, but I must say, it looks Pretty good.. Especially since now it's really hard to keep making the games look better when were starting to hit the systems limits..

-But wow, it looks like they have done an amazing job.. I can't wait to check this out, and that's coming from someone who mostly plays PS3

Looks like this one is going to do some serious numbers once again

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xtreampro3400d ago

I actually want a 360 now just to play this game.

Swagman23213399d ago

Chiefs armor looks pretty bad ass. Subtle changes that really add a lot in my opinion. Lookin' good 343!!

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