Editorial: Dark Souls Hydra Battle

Dark Souls is a game that is surrounded by a lot of hyperbole. Plenty of people will tell you it’s the hardest game that has ever been made and that you’d have to be a crazy person to want to play it. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of games that introduce arbitrary difficulty. It almost always feels fake and forced, as if the game designer is trolling players. Games like I Want to Be The Guy are insanely difficult and, as a result, can be much more frustrating than fun for me.

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Xbot3603359d ago

Dark Souls is my kind of game.

GamingPerson3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

This shows how much the hardcore gaming fans are a minority on consoles(for so on xbox).
I am glad it is coming to pc for extra cash.

This will sell at least 5 million just because of this part..


yes the codness.

StayStatic3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I don't follow , a farcry 3 video ? , or do you mean because of the cod like multiplayer farcry 3 will sell 5 million ?

Really looking forward to play DS though :D

PhantomTommy3359d ago

Dark Souls ruined my sleep pattern...

Grandmasterstash3359d ago

I predict most PC gamers installing trainer/God mods because they won't be able to handle the difficulty. PC gaming skill is barely above Wii gaming skill.

PeZuS3359d ago

Play some SCII and then we'll talk lol

Saladfax3359d ago

...aaand then most of the others in the PC community who are used to *actual* difficulty in games will mod it to make it even harder.

I'll just be glad to have a decent frame-rate in Blighttown. And maybe have improved multiplayer so that it isn't always just a game of who gets the lagstab first.

Reborn3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Well, you should be wary of the flames coming at you.

You just put yourself on the end of the stick.

Tallpaul773358d ago

Some PC gamers will struggle, some will take the Soul Level 1 challenge (probs as close as a mod, albeit self inflicted, as console can do) some may find it fairly easy. Just like console gamers. There really isn't a great difference other than hardware. Glad the guys who have a PC as there tool of choice will get to enjoy the experience.

Eazy-Eman3358d ago

Congratulations! You've defeated the Hydra!
Now fight the even more powerful Black Hydra in Ash Lake!