Bill Gates' last day at Microsoft video

This was shown at CES yesterday. The amazing thing about this video is that it's absolutely packed with celebrities from start to finish - the biggest music stars, news anchors, top comedians, presidential candidates etc. It's just non stop.

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turbogeek4034d ago

after that horrible CES presentation. they announced nothing good at all. just a recap of 07. LOL! what losers. it's all about Sony now. Microsoft and the Xbox have failed for 08. not the best timing Bill.

parasite4034d ago

Even tho its not game news, that was hilarious.

wageslave4034d ago

Awesome, Gates has a great sense of humour. Hillarious.

craymoogy4034d ago

that's awesome. Bill gates is cool.

360sucks4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

thats was cool and funny
xp still rules
@Genuine you a pu$$y
email me when ever you in ny
b!tch ass

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The story is too old to be commented.