New Double Dragon Neon Screen Shots & Trailer

T-Hill writes: Did I just catch a time warp back to the mullet rocking 80′s or have my eyes deceived me…Double Dragon. I’m a fan of the YouTube which at times leads me to find great gaming videos but tonight my mind was blown away when I came across a new Double Dragon game!

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Dante1123021d ago

Looks a bit slow and why did they have to make it 3D? Bad choice. It looks like a fan made game lol. Idk about this one, Thillr.


It could be just me reminiscing from my childhood. I see what you are both talking about but what the hell it will be that game in my library that will let me reflect on times when gaming was simpler lol

guitarded773021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

What are you talking about... the original had slow punching and kicking and it's a sidescroller just like the original.

rhap3021d ago

Looks interesting, gave me chills when I saw Billy's gf being kidnapped and heard the song.

Been a long time since I played Double Dragon on Master System and saw that starting scene.

NellyNel_7_1_33021d ago

There are still making these type of games? These type of games have been dead a long time ago. The game itself looks very slow and boring. I love the older DD games back in the days when i was young, but the only thing i rather do is watch the 80's cartoon more then touch this game.

VTKC3020d ago

anyone played Streets Of Rage REMAKE by Bomber Games? It is awesome. AND suprisingly its free.

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