Developers struggle with PS3: A thing of the past

For a considerable time now, Sony has had to face the belief that their flagship console, the PlayStation 3, is one of the more difficult platforms to develop for this current generation.

Normally one would consider this beneath Sony's eye of perception, but because this belief affects the PS3 console directly, it has remained a burden on the electronics giant shoulders since even before the machines inception in November 2006.

Now, as 2008 rolls round and going on 15 months since the PlayStation 3 went on sale, what does the future hold in store for the hardware in the minds of the developers out there?

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Equinoxe_74031d ago

Plz don´t start a fanboy war about this, thank you very much, and have a nice day :-)

4031d ago
Equinoxe_74031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )


stop your fanboy crap, both consoles are great, are you o.k now, or didn´t you get your fanboy fix today, I hope your o.k now.

"I think your need a brain to use CELL"

blacsheep4031d ago

son your late for school and judging by your grammar and spelling you cant afford to miss anymore days!

destroyah4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

don't blame Sony for devs being too dumb to know how to work with the more advanced console. the hardware specs are too high. 360 will continue to fail in the graphics department. Uncharted already beat every console game out there with graphics, and it was only a first generation title for PS3. haha lol. oh man, it's gonna be great seeing you 360 fanboys cry to your mommies "i want a PS3!!!!"

solidt124031d ago

Orange Box did'nt even scrape the power of the Cell, HA ha ha. Get real. Look at Uncharted. It use like 30% of the Cell and looks great.

Shadow Flare4031d ago

mesh, you have a 1 in 3 chance of the halobox 360 breaking. That's the company you support, and the console you kiss goodnight, while you puff the pillow ready for it to sleep with you

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consolewar4031d ago

but a lot of you been drinking large quantities of Kool-Aid.

Lord Cheese4031d ago

mesh - why do you feel the need to troll? Is it some sort of cry for attention? Or have you just not taken your ADD medicine this week?

If you dont own, or intend to buy a ps3, please shut your damn yapp and dont make irrellevant comments. You come across as a complete d!ck.

The worst part of it is that i'd take gears of war over uncharted every time. But because you're such a freakin' idiot about the whole thing i hesitate to admit it because it would mean i'm agreeing with a moron.

Bubble Buddy4031d ago

Oh did Naughty Dog and Insomniac tell you guys how to finally make good ps3 versions?

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Gazman4031d ago

Its going to be one interesting year for all consoles thats for sure.

heyheyhey4031d ago

cool and once they unlock the rest of the CELL power we will see some pretty mind-blowing ps3 games

mighty_douche4031d ago

if the CELL can live up to its "potentail" PS3 owners will be spoilt.

Equinoxe_74031d ago

I hope so, and I can´t wait for the outcome in the 3 game from Team Ico

THC CELL4031d ago

The cell is not 100% unlocked i believe there is going to be a lot of new things with the cell in 2008 and 9

mullet4031d ago

There's like nothing to be excited about anymore and I think I'll be selling mine by the end of this week for sure. The games I wanted were Bioshock and Mass Effect but I can't seem to find much use for it anymore and I'm tired of worrying about getting the RROD. The PS3 is set to dominate this year, judging by what's been happening these last few days. Only a week into the new year and Sony is showing us that they weren't kidding when they said "wait for 08". Truly amazing. Microsoft is in a pickle, as is Toshiba, all thanks to Sony. Good job.

RIPHDDVD4031d ago

i sold my 360 last week. it became useless after Bioshock. Mass Effect sucks. a lame attempt at trying to be KOTOR. i'm playing my PS3 a lot more now, after Uncharted and UT3. and i can't say i was excited for the horrible 360 lineup this year. i mean, it's really bad.

solidt124031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I wouldn't say the 360 sucks, but if all you want to play is Bioshock and Mass Effect you can sell your 360 and play those games on the PC. The 360 does still have some great games coming out in 08 like Alan Wake and Gears of War 2 but I am sure those will be on the PC also. I do recommend getting a PS3 because there will be alot of exclusives that you cannot get on the PC or 360. Uncharted, Warhawk, Resistance, Motorstorm, Ratchet and Heavenly Sword are just a few that have already been release last year and this year there are even more.

FirstknighT4031d ago

I'll put money down that these 2 comments are coming from the same person.

destroyah4031d ago

you must be used to trolling with multiple accounts.

decapitator4031d ago

Yeah but Gears of War 2 and Alan Wake are all going on PC as well ? amirite ?

Rocko4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

The "sony will own '08" sh*t is getting old, 360 has just as many exclusives this year as the PS3. This is what I could think of off the top of my head. If you can look at those games and still say the 360 has nothing in '08, your a retard.

360= Fable 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Ninja Gaiden 2, Halo Wars, Too Human. *Gears of War 2*.

PS3= Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, MGS 4, GT5, Home, Tekken, Final Fantasy, *God of War 3*

Multiplatform= GTA 4, DMC 4, Burnout, Fallout 3.


Daishi4031d ago

agreed, but of course for the price of a 360 and a years worth of games you could get a PC that could run the "multiplat" games...

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SL1M DADDY4031d ago

That the games we see today are releasing to great fanfare and looking wonderful, it's no wonder that the devs are shaking off their hesitation and digging deeper into the PS3. All it took was a couple devs to say to the naysayers, "look, the PS3 can do graphics, physics and lighting as good if not better than the competition". The proof is in the pudding people, games are getting better and dev support is getting awesome for the PS3. The days of dogging the system are long gone (save for the idiot fanbots that feel their 360's are getting shafted for some reason when the PS3 is successful).

heyheyhey4031d ago

your right you cant say its too expensive anymore since it got some drastic price cuts and there will be more to follow soon

you cant say it has no good exclusive games because well..... resistance, motorstorm, uncharted, heavenly sword, r&c: tod, ridge racer 7, eye of judgement (good for card geeks), nba 08, singstar, time crisis 4

the list of upcoming exclusives blows away the 360 (do i really have to list them again read this)

but i guess the xbots will always have "well that what they said about lair......" but seriously, that doesnt work anymore and i bet that you people havnt even played lair you just followed the reviews- once you get used to the controls its not that abysmally bad