The Peculiarity of PlayStation Store PSP Prices

Metro: I love my PSP but I'd never bought or downloaded digital PSP games through the PlayStation Network, I'd never any need as physical copies were often easy to come by and also reasonably priced (I'm talking new here not second-hand).

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Snookies123015d ago

Yeah the prices are pretty outrageous... Hopefully they'll wisen up soon about that because it's seriously sucky having to pay twice for a game you already physically own. Plus you have to factor in the price of a good memory stick/card which is a LOT of money for anything over 8 gigs which is almost required.

If there's one flaw with the Vita, it's the prices of PSP games and memory sticks/cards.

StayStatic3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

This is what is putting me off buying one that and I heard its locked to one PSN account and thats it , not sure how true that is though.

Also dunno if the 3G version is worth forking out for , gonna cost a bomb.

Amazon had a good deal I felt , £215 for a non 3g vita + Rayman origins and a 4GB card but 4gb wont get me far :(

Also not sure what the policy is on transferring ps1 games already owned , bet theirs some restriction or something knowing my luck when i come to transfer stuff.

Snookies123014d ago

Well, I CAN say the Vita is a superb gaming machine. I've personally had a blast with it since launch day, and there have only been a few minor annoyances (very minor).

I will say a 4 gig will get you nowhere at all. Considering game sizes and all. The largest downloadable PSN Vita game is Blazblue, which is somewhere around 3+ gigs. Most are around 1 gig I believe, but if you plan on having ANYTHING other than Vita games, or even PSP games on your system a 4 gig won't cut it at all.

The PS1 games currently aren't able to be downloaded yet. You CAN however use remote play and play them off your PS3 (even ps1 games from other accounts) and it works fine more often than not (you'll have some hiccups in-game at times).

As far as games being locked to one PSN, that is true. Though you can put it on two different portables. Yes though, it HAS to be on your account for bought games. Demos and things will work fine on other accounts however.

Redempteur3014d ago

@staystatic ..

you're indeed limited at 1 account by vita at any given moment ... but you can switch stores and accounts in less than a minute

catfrog3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

if you think any particular prices are outside the normal, email the production/development companies about it. sony cant just change these prices, for instance if the individual producers tell sony that they want 27$ of every sale, sony moves around that price, generally never selling at a loss. sony are just the retailer here, they can recommend a price drop, but no one has to listen.

on another website (reddit if youre wondering) we organized a mass emailing to atlus about the persona pricing, we got maybe 5000 people (from reddit, there were a few articles written about it also, so maybe others joined in) to tell atlus about their unsatisfactory pricing, telling them that we would buy their game if they dropped the price. three weeks later they had dropped the price on ten games

StayStatic3013d ago

Ah right cool +1 Helpful :)

Probably end up picking one up anyways and just wait for the cards to come down in price :D

Chrono3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Not sure if these numbers are accurate, because Final Fantasy IV Complete is £15.99 on the UK PSN last time I checked. The prices are not the same in all countries, I've bought it from the local PSN (UAE) and it was $19.99 (which is like £12.5). But it's true, digital copies should be cheaper than retail.

Soldierone3014d ago

Digital prices suck, I will jump on your wagon any day of the week. I've said it from day one. The only digital store that keeps my interest AT ALL is Steam, otherwise I have absolutely no interest in buying anything digital.

Looking at some of the PSP titles I really want to buy some, but friggin 30 dollars for titles that are maybe 10 bucks at Gamestop? Give me a break.

Like noted, not only will I buy the game but Ill need another memory stick too since I could only afford a 4GB right now.

SamPao3014d ago

I bought Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on psn, 10bucks, best investment ever made!

catfrog3013d ago

lots of the prices need to be updated, you should email the companies who produced them to try and get their price dropped. sony cant drop another companies price in a digital market

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