The Escalating Farce of the Mass Effect 3 Ending

Metro: I’ll start by saying that I am one of many who thought the ‘ending’ (for want of a better word) for Mass Effect 3 was pretty poor to say the least. I tell a lie, I thought it was downright terrible, and an insulting end to what was otherwise a triumphant video game series. Since the games’ release more and more people have expressed their disdain for this so-called conclusion.

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googergieger3020d ago

I really want to agree with this article. Though I had problems with the game even leading up to the ending and actually have compared this game to Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit. For how it seemingly changes stories and game play for no apparent reason, and how that was a reason people hated it. I felt that about ME3 throughout. That it abandoned the first two games to make a quick buck. Ignoring all that though, and the fact I do agree with most of this article. Nolan? Really? Nolan? He's like mainstream indie. If you've never made an effort to watch real indie films and check out foreign cinema, I can see why you are impressed. But really, he doesn't have enough positive to make up for all his clear negatives. Most of his dialogue in films feels robotic. To the point of having characters exist solely to explain his movies. Then there is the fact he should buy duct tape to hold his camera steady for at least two minutes. If only to "change things up". I could go on, but really...

This is the problem with the video games as art argument, I think. The people arguing for and against it, are your Avatar fans and Inception fans, thinking they have enough differences between them to scoff at the other.