The 20 Best iPhone and iPad Games of 2012... So Far

STP: The App Store is a labyrinthine place, and it's easy to get lost in it. Many gamers just stick to the top 10 or 25 apps and base their purchases on those, ignoring everything else. To help you out, we've made it our mission to search out the best games available, regardless of whether they're the best selling or not. Here's our list of the top 20 iOS games that launched in the first quarter of 2012.

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MeridianHope3013d ago

Plenty of people. It may not be a "hardcore" gaming platform, but there are plenty of people who are hardcore gamers that also enjoy mobile games. Your elitist attitude does not make you special, it makes you a jerk.

And to get back on topic, they should have had Hero Academy on the list. Easily the best iOS game I've played and one of the better turn-based strategy games I've ever played.

cooperdnizzle3011d ago

Yea plenty of people care. That is why there is a hole two comment's here. IOS gaming is a joke.