Gamer20's The Club Impressions

Gamer20 writes:

"It's been an interesting end to the year for developer Bizarre Creations, having been bought by Activision around the launch of PGR4 and having one of its properties, Geometry Wars, make a debut on the Wii and DS from another developer. Before their first game for owner Activision, Bizarre Creation's working with its former publishing friend Sega on The Club, which isn't a racing game, but a third-person shooter. While it may seem like a big departure for a developer that's renowned for its racing games, The Club will certainly make a lot of sense once you get your hands on the demo that we received."

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Buubar4030d ago

Hated playing the demo, defiantly won't pick this game up when it gets released. What's with all the 'shoot-em-ups' on PS3 lately, I'm fed up seeing them! :p