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VGR: We know their is a Fable Kinect game in the works, but up until a few weeks ago this was the only Fable game we knew about. Much to our surprise Lionhead has been working on another Fable title that is equally as new/different from their main series. This newer game is called Fable Heroes and it blends the story, characters, and world of Albion together into an Xbox Live Arcade game.

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Lucretia3022d ago

Omg lmao, wtf is that garbage? fable gets worse and worse with every installment (the first was awesome). Now its been infected by kinects crappiness.....maaaaaan this looks bad

jetlian3022d ago

its a 10 dollar download and your name should be la- creature

Lucretia3022d ago

I dont care if its a 10$ game, it should be free. and wtf does my name have to do with anything?

I want to see a proper fable game, one that combines features of part 1,2 and 3 and delivers on the fable experience. not this kinect junk

jetlian3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

this is a xbla game the kinect one is called fable journey.

maybe to you I like xbla games and previews say its fun.

NYC_Gamer3021d ago

Its still a piece of garbage regardless of the price tag