Kingdom Hearts 3 is far away. Why not try something new?

In the KHPlanet community, we are getting close to banging our heads against the wall because of the long wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. So, I will be your gaming doctor and give you a prescription of Nier and Final Fantasy XIII.

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browngamer413360d ago

..or ya know for sh*ts and giggles-you could also try their next main installment in the series..that amazing looking KINGDOM HEARTS game that's coming out for the 3DS..hhhmmm what was the name of the game again? Apparently the writers of this article forgot it too...

chrispen93359d ago

I am referring to a console quality version of KH, not Dream Drop Distance.

browngamer413359d ago

Yeah that is a console quality version..square has even said it is the next main entry in the series..and I don't care about your disagrees..if you are a Kingdom Hearts fan and not a troll then you should have mentioned DDD..

KonaBro3359d ago

when the 3DS Kingdom Hearts sells as the worst entry from KH in Japan. 358/2 Days even sold better than DDD. It's time for KH3.

TheUnbiasedLion3359d ago

Got to remember the DS has much more units under it's belt than the 3DS when both games came out.

DrPepper3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

i tried nier and it was doo doo and ffxiii is just plain trash

arbitor3653359d ago

I (and other fans) have waited 7 years for a direct, console based KH2 sequel. and we are basically hearing

"oh yeah. I guess we will start on that soon"

fuck you. i will be collecting social security by the time this game comes out

Braveaaron3359d ago

Wow whoever said that dream drop distance did poorly than 358/2 is fucking retarded. If you didn't know look on this site or some other gaming news site and read the article about how DDD blew up the japanse sells in week 1

Capt-FuzzyPants3359d ago

yea it boosted 3DS sales by a good number and it's only been out for like a week. Days has been out for a while so its kind of hard to compare so far. DDD will be on the top of sales charts for more weeks to come, so this game isn't selling poorly at all.