Xbox 360 Ultimate binned because Warner switched to Blu-ray?

Xboxer, by Gary Cutlack on January 7, 2008:

The weekend saw devastating news arrive that's all but killed off HD DVD as a next-gen video format. But insiders over at the AVS Forums - who are proper, actual insiders who work for companies like Microsoft, Universal and representatives of the Blu-ray consortium - reckon the decision could've gone either way. In fact, HD DVD came very close to a victory...

Microsoft's much-rumoured HD DVD-enabled Xbox 360 could be one of the deals on offer to tempt Warner to support HD DVD exclusively. But the prototype was binned when Warner dumped HD DVD, effectively killing the format.

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ktchong4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

Wow, juicy.

It looks like both Microsoft and Toshiba had been Murdoch'd!

mesh14573d ago

there was nothing called the xbox ultimate only made up by sony trolls no 1 ever mentioned any thing about this product haha ps3 has 3 exclusive coming otu this year and only 1 of them may get above 90% while the 360 has too human aaa/alan wake aaa/ng2 aaa/warhound aaa/fable 2 aaa/ gears of war 2 aaa/yes there is reason why sonytrolls have gone into fulll swing as they know this fact and are in defense mode 20087 another eyar for the 360

sonarus4573d ago

sony trolls started the xbox ultimate rumor????????If you are so confident in ur msoft exclusives go play them then. Starting from march for me its AAA after AAA on the ps3 assuming sony can actually get the games out with no delays. Kick march off with GT5 then april with GTA then may hopefully killzone or little big planet would be out by then then mgs4 gets home in june dnt need any other game after that but i'll prob jst pick up the others like socom, infamous, haze, tekken 6 white knight story, resistance 2, motorstorm 2(hopefully with split screen this time), final fantasy assuming it hits this yr and might just cap the yr off with God of war 3 who knows. Meanwhile you can enjoy ur tripple A's like gears of war 2 and...

mesh14573d ago

name this AAA ? TITLES TROLL STARTING FROM MARH NAME ALL OF THEM?that have been confirmed for a 2008 release and that has been shown with full gameplay ?

sonarus4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

haha only 2 games from ur list have been shown with gameplay and confirmed for 08 so wat are you talking about. Your heart is probably still broken cus sony crushed your dreams for an xbox ultimate. poor guy!!!. KZ2, MGS4, LBP, GT5, White knight story, haze, tekken 6 and socom. Thats just off the top of my head though games i have every intention of buying except for maybe haze not so sure yet. Why don't you give it a shot and see what you come up with on xbox side. Try not to search wikipedia too much tho

@consolewar coming to mesh1's aid. Where are these xbox AAA's as well are you referring to the ones i played the hell out of LAST YR. Looking forward to a new yr with new games. The games may or may not hit on time but they are there and GT5 and MGS4 are AAA enough for me. As lons as GT5 prologue is available from march i'm good for a while. Wat 360 game are you looking forward to in the near future? You 360 only clowns can keep deceiving yourselves if you like i'm rolling into 08 looking for new games to play and unfortunately for you sony has more quantity and quality

consolewar4573d ago

coming. Tomorrow?, what about next week?mmmmh. How about next month? Xbox has a least 3. Sadly for you Ps3 is playing Catch-Up. Tell you what, when Sony actually delivers I'll buy one. Happy?

WAIT SUMMER 08 *maybe

BrianC62344573d ago

I find this story hard to believe. I doubt the Ultimate was killed just because Warner chose Blu-ray. And I doubt the Ultimate would have swayed Warner. If the 360 came out from the start with HD DVD so all 360s had one then the battle would have gone the other way probably. I guess Toshiba can blame Microsoft for killing HD DVD.

ExLivingGhost4572d ago

WTF is Warhound xbots always bring up games no one ever knows and if u seriously believe Gears 2 is coming out this year then u sound more stupid than a sony fanboy saying Final Fantasy 13 is coming out this year and by the way u forgot about Huxley a double A game

Bubble Buddy4572d ago

so a AAA is judged by getting a 90? heh. Judged by other people you don't know? ratchet and uncharted stand at 89 and both was 90 before, what does that make uncharted?

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mullet4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

After the unexpected jump by Warner, which explains their laughable presentation. They hardly showed anything that people actually CARE about.

Thank you Warner. The future is Blu.

TANOD4572d ago

I have a feeling too that MS cancelled the announcement of new X360 SKU after HD DVD's defeat .

However i could be wrong

BUT i do BLU

Expy4572d ago

I wouldn't say "unexpected" I'm pretty sure everyone knew it was going to happen, just a matter of when.

The_Engineer4572d ago

with one of the lamest presentations ever in the history of CES.

It was they who hyped "a big announcement about the future of the xbox franchise" at CES

it was the xbot girls who started peeing their panties speculating about the new 360 super ninja turbo edition.

and now IT IS THEY who are here bitterly denying they had anything to do with the "ultimate" rumor and are actually trying to blame it on PS3 owners.


Gazman4573d ago

I some how doubt it but if its true its a shame because I would of upgraded to the ultimate no questions asked

mighty_douche4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

Its not been the best week for M$ or HD-DVD, but frankly we (n4g members) predicted Blu-Ray winning over a year ago.

not to be it for us to say "told you so".....

SL1M DADDY4573d ago

I have been chastised on numerous occasions for claiming BD the winner for the past year but to no avail; their words have all but fallen on deaf ears. It's good to know that HD-DVD is out and BD is the winner. I know they would like to see a comeback but let's face it, HD-DVD died this weekend and it will be a few months of holding on until they finally come to grips with it. And it's a good thing that BD won; now we won't have yet another SKU from MS to further confuse the consumers. That's all we needed, another SKU from any one of the console companies.


yeah i agree, hddvd went belly up around october 2007.

titles such as superbad spidey 3, pixar movies, pirates........pretty much killed hddvd. I believe ever since fall of 2007, hddvd was on damage control knowing their ship was sinking.

ChaosKnight4573d ago

Umm... can I ask when the Xbox 360 Ultimate was ever an official product? I thought it was just rumors and speculations.

THE_JUDGE4573d ago

and would have been a good product if they had launched it when the 360 was launched.

BrianC62344573d ago

But how much would the Ultimate cost? The biggest problem I saw with it was it would cost more than the PS3. Sure it would have a built-in HD DVD player but you wouldn't be able to use it for games. It would be for movies only. Microsoft should have delayed the 360's launch six months and included an HD DVD player in it from the start.

This is why I chose the PS3 over the 360 though. Sure, right now the 360 is selling better but over the next five years having Blu-ray in the PS3 will prove to be huge for Sony. Microsoft can't switch to HD DVD now that millions of gamers have the DVD version of the 360.