Assassin's Creed III Pax East Preview [ThriftyNerd]

Michael DiMauro of says "n Assassin’s Creed III you play as an assassin named Ratohnhaké:ton. I’m not sure how you pronounce the colon, but thankfully he also goes by the name Connor. He is half British and half Native American and will apparently be killing templars on both sides of the conflict in the American Revolution."

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TekoIie3020d ago

"At range the soldiers will attempt to form up into a firing line. There are multiple ways of dealing with this new strategy, but the one on display in our preview was using a human shield. Connor grabbed a nearby soldier, used him as a shield, and then closed on the group of soldiers before they could reload".

That sounds interesting for gameplay!

THESONYPS33020d ago

Cant wait till Ubisofts ships us our beta copies soon.