GTA: San Andreas Voice Actor Claims He is Not in GTA V

DualShock Nexus: A while back it was heavily rumored that Carl "CJ" Johnson would be making his way onto Grand Theft Auto V. Heat for this rumor picked up when the official Grand Theft Auto V IMDB page appeared and confirmed both Niko Bellic and CJ would be returning. The page was immediately removed which made people even more skeptical about the two GTA protagonists returning. Recently the voice actor for CJ took to twitter to address questions about whether or not he will be voicing CJ in Grand Theft Auto V.

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3356d ago
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3356d ago

Aww c'mon CJ, for the grove homie...

As for Niko, he won't be in GTA V. He'll be out of town,,,,, bowling. *Confirmed*

ShadowSniper3356d ago

O.O grooooooovvve street.. Its a party!!

bootyCheese1163356d ago

why not doe...why not add CJ back into the series, why do they have to say no when its so easy to say yes & add him..

TheModernKamikaze3356d ago

I really like CJ.... MASSACRING.

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The story is too old to be commented.