EA sees no indication that next generation will end used games

Richard Hilleman of Electronic Arts played host to "The Best of 2012 D.I.C.E. Summit" panel at Pax East 2012. During the question and answer portion of the panel, Hilleman who is known for his long-time contributions within Electronic Arts, responded to one fans questions about the next generation.

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ziggurcat2439d ago

it's quite clear, even since the rumour first about the next xbox, that anti-used game technology won't really be a part of the next generation of systems.

GraveLord2439d ago

Why not? I think each game having a sort of online pass is extremely likely.

ziggurcat2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

mandatory online passes are likely going to be the case, but that won't kill the used game market or prevent used games from being played.

Baka-akaB2439d ago

Sure , but this has yet to destroy used games in any way . Just make it more expensive for the used game consumer and giving money to the publisher

Tai_Kaliso2439d ago

I don't think Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo want to risk being the only ones that wont allow used games, and since they wont talk to each other beforehand, I think its a safe bet that we wont see anti used game tech used in the next generation.

I'd get ready for every game to have online passes though, that is for certain.

aquamala2439d ago

not allowing used games is a little too drastic, but they sure can move more and more content to an "online pass", and have it cost more, we are already going in that direction.

2439d ago
geddesmond2439d ago

Next Gen lol. I'll tell yous one thing, if companies keep trying to take as much money out of people as they can then a lot of people like myself won't be going into next gen.

To combat used sales companies gave us DLC, yeah great but look at the state of DLC now. You have companies building 60 dollar games with DLC support in mind all the time now with day 1 DLC and Capcoms ridiculous DLC they call Disk locked Content we ain't getting full games anymore.

Then they brought out Online passes which is more nickle and Diming. You can't even loan a game to a mate anymore unless its only single player they want to play and now talk of blocking out used games altogether lol.

Firstly game sales will drop because people like me who buy everything new mostly on day one sometimes has to trade in games I completed for some money off my next purchase. Get rid of that and sales will decline. Secondly you'll get more people waiting for the platinum ranges or when games go on sale before buying so companies are still loosing money.

Greedy bastards the lot of them. I'm 26 years old. I've been gaming on and off since I was 5. In my 21 years of gaming I have never hated the gaming world like I have this past year. The funs gone out of it all.

Wheres the days when completing a game gave you bonuses to use like great weapons or different costumes. Now you have to buy them to use them. Onlines destroyed the single player and DLC has destroyed the fun.

MySwordIsHeavenly2439d ago

"I'll tell yous one thing..."

Ladies and gentleman,

Archie Bunker!

Kyosuke_Sanada2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Bubbles for your well said post. Great to see another fellow gamer who realized the downward spiral gaming has changed into recently.

GamingPerson2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I wonder if consoles become more like traditional pc's in a way will there be more piracy? They could be easier to hack.

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