MotorStorm Gets Even Filthier

MotorStorm, PlayStation 3's muck-'em-up, is being treated to an expansion pack this week, with two new tracks available for download on Thursday.

The first track is Diamondback Speedway and pits players against the high banking of the natural amphitheatre Yei Bichei. The second, Eagle's Nest, is a tight race set atop precarious cliff-edges.

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crunchie1014029d ago

July 2007 - Sony E3 Press Conference:

Phil Harrison: '..and it's a brand new track, Eagle's nest, which will be available to download just next month...'

Only 5 months late, but I'm loving the price.

This now brings the track # of Motorstorm to 12, right?

mighty_douche4029d ago

i let a friend borrow my copy a few months back and he managed to lose it somehow so i think im gonna need to ebay a new copy asap.

Gazman4029d ago

One reason to never ever lend games to friends

mighty_douche4029d ago

points taken! He gave me his copy of heavenly sword but i want MOTORSTORM!!

Think there might be a trade in going on later.

Gazman4029d ago

Sweet something to download, man i love this game, one that get better with every download and upgrade

picker3324029d ago

How many updates & expansions is there in motorstorm?
& is it that fun?
Just played the demo & was not that impressed.

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The story is too old to be commented.