Addressing the Wii U Rumours: How Powerful Is the Wii U?

BNBGAMING’s Editor-in-Chief Martin Watts dissects the latest rumours concerning the Wii U’s tech specs and argues why high-end graphics and advanced processing power aren’t necessarily the key to success.

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Cyb3r3399d ago

If the WiiU is less powerful than current consoles then howcome the Zelda tech demo running on the console look better than anything I have seen of PS3 and 360?? Was the tech demo fake or something?

PopRocks3593399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

No it wasn't fake. People should look up the videos of it on YouTube. Nintendo showed people that the demo was in real time; they could shift the camera around and change the lighting effects from day to night instantly and seamlessly.

Also there's a Wii U post here on N4G that has a video showing that the Wii U, based on the specs we know about, cannot possibly be weaker than current gen hardware. yabhero linked it below.

browngamer413399d ago

Cool..even going off of what you said ten percent is still pretty low..ten percent was shown off and that includes the controller tech? Damn I can't wait to see what this beast is truly capable of then!

PopRocks3593398d ago

I love that I got 3 disagrees for stating facts. Go figure.

^This video shows that the Zelda tech demo was real and in real time. They can shift the camera and change the lighting seamlessly.

^And here's the video on the Wii U's specs that proved that it'll still be more powerful than current gen hardware.

sikbeta3398d ago


It's a demo dude, demos always look better than final games because they don't showcase much


Even if new rumors say wii-u is on par with PS360, I don't believe it, doesn't make sence, current gen tech is so freaking old is not even funny to discuss...

Jazz41083398d ago

About that video there was no system shown othe than a controller and while he was showing off the controller the game or cgi demo still was playing. Theo nly thing he could effect was the daytime nightime everything else was locked. Since there was no system shown this could of been done on a high end pc or a ps360. No proof in that video to back up the recent saying that the consol is not that powerfull.

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Shok3399d ago

No, it wasn't fake. It was running in a native HD resolution (can't remember if it was 720 or 1080) in real time, and in 60 FPS.

Reggie went on to say that they actually just quickly threw that demo together and that it only used 10% of the Wii U's power.

Epic came out last month and pretty much reiterated the same thing Reggie said, saying that they can do TONS more than the Zelda demo on just the Unreal 3 Engine.

ChickeyCantor3399d ago

" 10% of the Wii U's power. "

He wasn't talking about power specifically he was talking about control input as well.

Shok3399d ago

Wah? That really doesn't make sense, how does power equate into control input? Pretty sure he was talking about raw graphical capability.

ChickeyCantor3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

He was talking about full potential of the console. The strength of the console is the Wii-pad.

So far they, in it's totality, only showed SOME ideas for input and technical specs trough the zelda demo.

Reggie is a PR dude, not a tech guy. He probably just made that 10% up from different aspects. Even if he was just talking about technical specs, it would be a major let down if that's 10%. The fact there was no real A.I involved. No controlled character etc. This was a scripted scene.
( besides you CAN'T make an estimates on early dev-kits. so im not buying it, I mean his 10% just for tech-specs)

Remember how great Ps2 ingame cutscenes looked compared to actual gameplay? Thats because most of the processing powers were released from all the elements of A.I. and the likes. So I really hope those 10% aren't just a technical estimate from the Zelda/bird tech demo. I'm pretty sure he was talking about input as well.

The full potential of the console hasn't been shown yet. Including input.

His quote:
"I'd say of what we have shown? Maybe only 10%.
There is alot more to be shown from the games and the EXPERIENCES. But what we are communicating is this idea of 2 screens...How it can create new and different experiences".

Nintendo isn't going just for raw-power and will never promote that in such a fashion. They clearly avoid that question all the time by giving obscure answers like : "The developers are contempt with the console and won't be disappointed".

It's REGGIE we are talking about. Not some other snob from MS-Xbox trying to cater to some teenage demograph.
Reggie is a snob on his own, always dodging the bullet with some defense mechanism people tend to tag along with.

Ck1x3399d ago

@sidar: Um, the reason that ps2 cut-scenes looked so good compared to the in game graphics is because those scenes were pre-rendered CGI's streaming from the disc. Not something that was ever done in realtime on ps2 at all!

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dark-hollow3399d ago

And this is only a tech demo probably made quickly without much optimizing on old underclocked models.

That mean main games through the years of the wii u will even blow the Zelda demo out of the water.

jacksheen00003399d ago

I have to agree with sidar. When you don't add AI, characters/objects, physics, etc to a Tech demo it means you're not getting the fullness of the console's processing power.

Also, the Zelda demo pre-scriped cut scenes rendering in real time doesn't really show off the real potential of the Wii U's graphic capability compared to actual gameplay.

So my questions is....

In the Zelda tech demo was Zelda fully controllable during the Demo? NO

Was the camera angle in the Zelda demo was fully functional? Partially it was.

Was there any other multiply character running around in the Zelda demo? No, Just One Big spider.

No need to go any further....

dark-hollow3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Have you ever considered the amount of time and effort they put into a new console tech demo compared to a full game with way longer development time?

The demo could be made in haste to be ready in time for E3.

Don't believe me?
Look here:

Oh my what is that? Oh why it is a pre-rendred, non playable tech demo for the gamecube, link and Ganon fighting in a small dark room, no ai, no multiple NPCs, nothing!

Now let's look at twilight princess for the game cube:

Even when its fully playable, with multiple NPCs roaming the town and AI, it still BLOWS the tech demo out of the water!!!

So there is a high possibility that a fully rendered Zelda game that have more effort put into it and more optimized than a "demo" will looks better.

sikbeta3398d ago

Based on what Gaf community says, it was an staged demo in which you can only move the camera and switch from night to day, no AI, no Character imputs and all that

Doesn't matter, I refuse to believe N went with the equivalent tech from 8 years ago, it's freaking nonsense imho XP

Mr_cheese3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )


Hogwash, the tech demo isn't better than anything you've seen on the 360 or ps3 unless you've not been playing many games. Killzone 2 and 3, gears of war, uncharted 2 and 3, skyrim.

The tech demo reminds me of fable and I think the graphics are on par with that.

The tech demo for the Killzone 2 was better. I'm not saying it doesn't look good and the console hasn't come a long way, but I'm saying it's not better than everything already out, going from the tech demo.

ziggurcat3398d ago

it certainly looks amazing - a far cry better than nintendo's current system - but better than the PS3/360? that's debateable. i would argue that games like uncharted 2/3, killzone, demons/dark souls, gears of war, and forza look better than this tech demo.

before anyone clicks disagree - i'm not saying that the wii u's zelda demo looks like crap or that any other games for that system will look awful.

Lucretia3398d ago

exactly, people who made the statements of it looking better than ps3 or 360 games obviously only owned a wii this gen

Lucretia3398d ago

lol that zelda demo didnt have better graphics or effects than gears or uncharted/ god of war or halo. it was impressive and looked great but dont fool ur self. i didnt see realistic weather, water physics, dirty and character expressions or high detailed textures.

i dont think the wii u will be weaker but please lol dont blow it up

mcstorm3398d ago

I am getting sick of people who keep talking about power. Since when has console gaming been about power? Games are not about how they look they are about how they make you feel when you play them. If power had anything to do with the sucess of a console then how come the ps1 out sold the n64 or why did the ps2 out sell the wii and xbox and how come the wii out sold the 360 and ps3?

The device is a games console and it is the games that make people buy the console not the power of the console. If your that bothered about power buy a pc every 12 months as consoles are less powerful than consoles.

But from what i have seen of the wii you i the zelda demo looked amazing.

Dark_king3398d ago

you new to gaming are what,Its always been about power more power allows for games to be better.Not saying power makes a game great because it does not it allows a game to be greater.Power is always going to be important to core gamers.
But the masses just need something to keep there attention so power is not as important to them.However dont kid yourself if the game came out for two platforms that are equal price one with half the res of the other the masses will go for the one with more power.

mcstorm3398d ago

Im not new to gaming ive been playing games since the nes days but i disagree the core do not go for power. They go for games they enjoy the most on the console that fits them the best. It has noting to do with which game looks better on which console. Look at this gen for example how many 3ds party games that look better on the ps3 have sold more than the 360 version? Plus from what you are saying if core gamers want the best looking version of the game they would all pickup the pc version. Again how many pc versions of a game have sold more than the console version of the game?

Yes it is nice having amazing looking games but this is the the main reason why people buy games. Look back at some of the best selling games this gen we have cod, mario kart, super mario bros, halo 3 and none of them are the best looking games then gen yet have sold more than the games of the same gore that have better graphics.

Dark_king3398d ago

see your thinking of power as graphics like the masses do.There is so much more to a systems power then graphics.Ai,sound,and physics are also part of a systems power.Don't overlook these as a side feature a great fps needs great physics to be playable.Better physics require more system resources.
To answer your question lots of pc games out sell there console version.You just don't hear much about it.Mostly because there not those week 1 sells everyone cares about.There also discounted deals on places like steam that push sells long past the time a store would still have them in stock.
Again a system being more powerful doesn't make a great game just makes a game able to be greater.

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yabhero3399d ago

I saw this guy analyzing the WiiU specs... after wtaching that there no way WiiU could be weaker or on par, the CPU alone outclasses PS3 and 360 and that's been confirmed.

browngamer413399d ago

I love it when facts are used on rare around here when it comes to Nintendo.

Mr_cheese3398d ago

official specs have been confirmed yet. Everything is speculation and guess work based on what 'insiders' are saying hence why article is still classed as a rumour

Ima9er4Life3399d ago

The demo was runnin off of the ps3, no joke

limewax3398d ago

No multiplat demos were running off 360/ps3

go back and watch the trailer that includes a guy using the wii-u controller to change the lighting and camera angle etc. That was not a ps3 controller so I have no idea where you got that from or your agrees

awesomeperson3398d ago

I'm pretty sure it was sarcasm.

-Ninja-3399d ago

I dont give a crap how powerful any of the next gen consoles are. As long as next gen isnt like this one (90% brown shooters and COD clones), then i'll be happy.

shackdaddy3399d ago

I honestly think its gonna be the same. Shooters haven't seemed to die down at all.

ozstar3399d ago

I dk. I think the shooter genre will implode if it continues to demand 200 million dollar plus budgets, and massive marketing, in order to achieve even minor success.

If all that's left is COD and Battlefield, and they make the majority of the gross, that genre is pretty much dead.

Syndicate, Mirrors Edge, etc. We'll see how next gen goes.

AWBrawler3399d ago

Idk when this happened, i hope its a phase. you can't tell me you saw this shooter craze coming last gen. heck last gen gave us DMC 3, Kingdom hearts, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Killer 7, Thirteen, Panzer dragoon orta, Jade Empire, Phantasy Star Universe, indigo prophecy, chibi robo, and so many wildly creative games.

Now everyone is waiting around for the next COD or shooter of choice

Instigator3398d ago

With higher budget comes safer bets. Gamers seem starved for shooters and the template is pretty much "perfected", making shooters the safest one. The online boom didn't help, either.

Nowadays we have to look to the digital market for original games, but that one's almost overloaded with physics platform puzzlers.

AWBrawler3398d ago

I agree cos i see games i wish i could play using buttons, but they are on the app store on my i devices.

The creativity is fading

busytoad3399d ago

Stupid nintendo they screwed up the gamecube with a F*cked up controller,they made the wii a under powered motion device. i havent bought a nintendo product since the n64 and the wii-u looks like a i-pad wanna be. so sad nintendo so sad.

TotalHitman3398d ago

I liked the gamecube controller, it felt great in my small hands. The most comfortable controller to date for me.