New Ridge Racer 7 Screenshots

Here are some new screens of Ridge Racer 7 which will be in playable version at TGS. The game is announced as a PS3 launch title.

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andy capps4439d ago

Looking very good, that Mayan environment looks sick.. Maybe I'll actually buy a Ridge Racer game, still waiting to see if they'll have damage in this game.

subcell4439d ago

viewing distance is unbelievable...trees are awesome...if they can get this at 60fps...I'll be sacked!!

Landa4439d ago

i liked the first one for ps1

USMChardcharger4439d ago

Riiiiidge Raaaaacer. sorry had to do it.

PS360WII4439d ago

Looks good just like 6 did. Why they releasing sequals alot sooner than they use too?

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