Expiration Date: Will Modern Video Games Go Bad?

GameInformer- "We often think of video games as a timeless medium. Players with a love for retro gaming can still dust off an NES, blow in the bottom of a Super Mario Bros. cartridge, and experience the game the way it was played 25 years ago. Over the past few years, the video game industry has undergone an online revolution, opening up exciting new avenues for interaction and distribution. At the same time, these changes have introduced some troubling restrictions that impact the longevity of the games you buy. The day you can’t play your favorite modern game may be coming sooner than you think."

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VTKC3362d ago

oh course they are going bad. Developers are making games that are aimed at the casual gamer meaning easier difficulties and simplicities are a necessity as that is where the money is made because there are way more casual gamers these days as gaming has gradually become more accepting on a social point of view-Not like before when one would immediately frowned upon because they liked playing video games and on come the stereotype comments of a "nerd" ensues.

The technology of the Kinect and Move are examples of casual gamer type ideas. The Wii console is an obvious one.
Games are more and more easier to play no matter what the genre. Even fighting games have been affected be this. Even the likes of Virtua Fighter! Difficult certain moves with precise timing have been altered to make it easier to execute.