Microsoft Memo Confirms 2008 Release For Resident Evil 5

An internal email from Don Mattrick, head of the Xbox division, confirms Resident Evil 5 as a 2008 release. This is the first time any release date has been discussed for the game.

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TANOD4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

very soon


sonarus4028d ago

OH ok so if microsoft casually mentions the game as ONE of the games coming out on 360 in 08 i guess thats confirmation enough. Lot of ppl seem to have a lot of faith in msoft. Don't want to hate on RE5 i'm anticipating it too but way too many games coming out this yr(especially games i have been anticipating for yrs *cough* mgs4) so if it slips into 09 its fine with me. Regardless i don't think this is good enough confirmation. This is as good confirmation as an amazon or best buy or gamestop release date posting. Till capcom gives us the official release date its all specualtion


this game will move massive units on both consoles.

moses4028d ago

I'm sure as hell buying it :)!

mighty_douche4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

release dates this early in the day arent worth the paper (monitor) they're written on!

EDIT: TANOD im not sure what that has to do with mine comment but, Resi is massive everywhere, and by the time of release so will the PS3 install base.

TANOD4028d ago

and in JAPAN a game sells either on wii or ps3.

same goes to europe

since ps3 has a decent base we will believe it when we see it


mesh14028d ago

ps3 isnstall base are not gamers even fools like u know this they are blue ray fanatiics kid keep dreaming.a lot of devs will abandon the ps3 belive in me that is fact its a big joke.

mighty_douche4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

im sure a while back you were claiming HD-DVD will beat Blu-Ray.....? another one of your quality prodictions.... basically id put my money on the opposite of whatever you say.

THE_JUDGE4028d ago

you know MS is always on the up and up with things, they're very believable. *Cough*RROD*Cough* *Cough*No HDMI Needed*Cough*

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Vojkan4028d ago

Vajkan says this is cool, even if i am PS3 it is nice to hear this.Why? Vojkan says its great that RE5 will use PS3 as lead platform(that is 100% certain since it is Japanese developer and Japan is big for RE) so Vojkan is very glad to hear this. Vojkan says 2008 is going to be greatest gaming year ever thanks to PS3 games like this one.
Vojkan says that he speaks in 3rd person like Dark Sector

Iamback4028d ago

I so agree with you. I give you a bubble since xbots are taking them from you.

Legion4028d ago

Can't even spell your own name right... Vajkan???

heyheyhey4028d ago

ah yes the M$ bullsh!t machine hard at work- although kudos if they get it right

Cartesian3D4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

but I think its sth like dec 08 release.. not anytime soon..its one of the most important titles of capcom , christmas is a good time for them.. (not mine :P)

wait for the official release date..

@vojkon .. lol.. u mean darksniper ?

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The story is too old to be commented.