The Frag Dolls Reveal Their Newest Member at PAX East

The Frag Dolls, a professional all-female gaming team recruited by Ubisoft, are thrilled to reveal their newest team member at PAX East.

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ftwrthtx3400d ago

They know how to pick em.

pandaboy3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

amazing how good looks get you a step ahead of everyone else in life, not that I disagree with that. In fact, I agree with it :)

Mike_Tha_Hero3400d ago

Lmao I know her, she's a marketing tool from Razer Blade (gaming laptops).

ATi_Elite3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Frag Dolls are overrated! They are more marketing than Gamer!

I never see them on any FPS or RTS servers!

I wanna see them go head to head against some of the female MW3 gamers out there! I've been seeing more and more females on BF3 servers and NONE of them are Frag Dolls.

posing for the camera and holding a controller no longer cuts it. GET ON THE SERVERS!

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