Edge Interview: Epic Power Struggle

As Unreal Tournament III gets underway, Epic's Mark Rein talks life atop the ladder.

Mark Rein struggles to recall the Unreal Engine games featured in last month's Edge. There were two on opposite pages in Hype. One was reviewed. Turok? He sighs – there are simply too many. If this is braggadocio, it's also fact. For every Unreal Engine 3 game you can mention, there'll be one you're unaware of, and a good few more in development.

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mighty_douche4030d ago

Ive had enough of the Unreal engine now, I kind of wish Epic wouldnt just farm it out to every developer under the sun.

predator4030d ago

company's smell money they will farm out to anyone, sh!t init

Ju4030d ago

As much as I like UT3 I am not sure if I am hoping for a bunch of UE3 games. I don't know what's possible with it (well, Mass Effect being an indication it seems to be very flexible), but all UE3 based games so far have an "Unreal" look and feel.

Using just UE gives too much power into one hand and degenerates technology (e.g. I am sure, Uncharted wouldn't look like it does if some techies wouldn't have tried to come up with something new).

Good luck to Epic and with the latest engine, UE3 based games for the PS3 can only improve (it seems to be working now on the PS3).

faisdotal4030d ago

These swordfish guys sound interesting , someone should make an article so that we can look back to once they release information about this game , although I've just snooped around the jobs section in Swordfishes website and i saw lots of PS3 related jobs (Not that it means anything but they need people with PS3 knowledge which is in fact the whole purpose of that jobs page) but when somebody (Mark Rein's knowledge of the Unreal Engine in specific since he is in the company) says.......

"I visited the Swordfish guys in Birmingham and they blew me away. Their game was incredible. I mean, it was a step up over what we’ve shipped so far"

....It makes you think , wow , straight from the mouth of the creator(s). I'm definitely anticipating this now , i mean like they are basically saying its a step up from what they have made , UT3 was supposed to be the flagship of the Unreal 3 engine on the ps3 , and by that i "expected" the latest tweaks and stuff on it.

Anyway's , i hope to be "Blown away" when they reveal this game.

(No homo on the last sentence)