Video - Bill Gates jams on-stage with Slash on Guitar Hero III

Bill Gates wheeled ex Guns'n'Roses guitarist Slash out during his CES keynote for some Guitar Hero III riffing. This video captures the moment where Bill rawked out.

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mighty_douche4574d ago

"See... im still "down" with the kids...!"

yeah, ok Bill.....

bourner4574d ago

with all his money he cant be cool and down with the kids lol

ravinash4574d ago

That was only worth watching when the girl was playing and jumping up and down on that I could watch.

Stray_Wulf4574d ago

Bill Gates + Slash = WTF??? lol... Poor Slash has to waste his skills on a bunch of geeks; not to mention the god of geeks himself, Bill Gates.

Shankle4574d ago

Everyone has their price.

Ignorant Fanboy4574d ago

And they stop the video during slash's solo?