Kingdom Hearts: A Better Princess Than Alice

91.8 The Fan writes: "In celebration of Kingdom Hearts’ recent 10-year anniversary (Oh god no, I’m not that old!), I’d like to dissect the decision that left most people scratching their heads: making Alice a Disney Princess."

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Smashbro293015d ago

It's canon. Deal with it.

MySwordIsHeavenly3015d ago

They didn't make her a princess... They just made her a character in the game. ??????

TheUnbiasedLion3014d ago

No Alice was deemed one of the 7 princesses that ansem was trying to collect.

Pozzle3015d ago

Has Pocahontas appeared in any KH game yet? She was one of my favorite Disney princesses (if she counts as a princess) when I was little.

Hicken3014d ago

I'll just make this simple and say that by the time of KH's release, the newest of the princesses on the list (Jasmine) had already been around for a decade. ANd as far as the ones they mentioned go, only Ariel fits in with the ones already part of the Princesses of Heart.

Are people really upset over this? I mean, really?